Manic Monday – 04/24/17

Manic Monday

Training For: VT Corporate Cup Challenge 5k (May 11) and VT Respite House Jiggety Jog 5k (May 13)

Monday 04/17/17: CrossFit
Strength WOD was floor presses, which I loved; I’m actually fairly strong in pressing movements! And then the MetCon was a half Murph, which is a ridiculously tough Hero WOD that most boxes do on Memorial Day.

Tuesday 04/18/17: 3.25 Mile Run (4 X 400)
My first speed work in ages! I did a 1 mile w/u, 4 X 400, and a 1/4 mile cool down. I’m nowhere near as fast as I once was, but I hit a sub-9 pace on my last 400 repeat (which also was on a downhill!), so I can’t complain.

Wednesday 04/19/17: CrossFit
For the strength WOD, we worked on Thrusters and Front Squats, and the MetCon was surprisingly good, too–pullups and a kettlebell squat complex. I snuck out of work early to take an early class so I could do a beer tasting with friends afterwards, which was delightful.

I love these people.

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Thursday 04/20/17: Hot Yoga
I had hoped to get in a lunch run, but it was rainy and cold, so I settled for hot yoga after work. There was a guest teacher who was a little bit more out there than I typically like, but it was a nice class nonetheless.

Friday 04/21/17: CrossFit
We started with working up to one rep max on Chest Presses, which was a bit disappointing for me; I couldn’t even get to my old max. I guess it’s been a while since I set it, but still. And then we did a 10 minute MetCon with Dumbell Snatches, rowing, burpee bar jump overs, and muscle ups. I cannot do muscle ups yet and didn’t even get there before time was up, so… Boo.

Saturday 04/22/17: Lyric Warehouse Cleanup
Part of the commitment to each Lyric show is attending a “warehouse cleanup” day, where we sort through all of the set pieces and costumes and junk that we had to disassemble and haul back to the storage space during strike. I ended up painting an entire kitchen with my friend Merrill, which was actually a lot of fun.

Sunday 04/23/17: Rest
It was a relaxed sort of day. We took Annie for a walk, spent some time in the hot tub, and went to the 9 to 5 post-production party. And then we capped the night at the St. John’s Club and were treated to this sunset:

Not a bad week, all things considered. I hate to say I’m settling into a routine, because I know Dogfight rehearsals are going to start any day and totally throw everything off, but things feel pretty good right now. Fingers crossed I can keep up with stuff.

Do you like painting walls etc? I actually really love it 🙂


Friday Free-For-All – 04/21/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

TGIF! This was a busy, stressful week at work, and I am SO GLAD it’s almost over. I’m also pumped because next week the majority of my team is out at a conference, so it will be just me and Freda holding down the fort. It should be a much more quiet week, and I can’t wait.

We’re house sitting until May 2. We’re back to our usual house-sitting gig for almost two weeks. We’ll be hanging out with Annie the Jack Russell Terrier and enjoying mountain views and hot tub time. While I genuinely love living with Ben’s parents, it will be nice to have our own space for a few weeks.

Ben’s job situation remains up in the air. He was supposed to have his interview this week, but due to last week’s emergency situation, it’s been pushed back. Obviously, we are frustrated and disappointed to be left in limbo another week, but it is what it is. Fingers crossed he gets an interview scheduled for next week.

I got a haircut at a new salon this week. I’m still actively growing my hair out, but I like to get a trim every three months to keep the ends healthy. I used to go see a friend of mine, but at $65 bucks a pop, it just wasn’t fiscally responsible. I tried out a new place, and it was pretty decent. My stylist was a bit loopy, and talked WAY too much, but for the price, I was happy with what I got. And now I can stop snipping individual split ends when I’m bored at my desk.

I have a new Podcast obsession. I go in fits and starts with Podcasts. I feel like I find one I get really excited about, but lose enthusiasm quickly. But this new (to me) one is GOLD. It’s called Theater People, and it features full-length interviews with Broadway stars. For a total theatre nerd like me (yes, I spell it “re” and not “er”) it’s PERFECT. I have a 45 minute commute each way to work, and I have been loving getting behind the scenes info, advice, and inspiration from performers I admire.

Are you as happy as I am that it’s Friday?

The Return to Running

Five months is kind of a long time to take off of running. I didn’t plan to take a specific amount of time off, I just didn’t want to push myself back into something that had become a bit of a chore. Marathon training WHILE rehearsing for a show and then having a DNF, and having another weather-related race disaster with the 100 on 100 relay, I just WAS NOT FEELING IT.

Recently, I’ve been easing back into running with a couple of short runs a week. It’s been nice, and dare I say, not as challenging or awful as I thought it would be (thank you, CrossFit!). Of course, now that I’m back at it, it’s hard not to want to be exactly back where I was, running PR 5k races and putting in all the miles. It’s hard to look back at where I was this time last year and not be disappointed in my mileage and paces. I’m just trying to remind myself that I did, in fact, take five whole months off. And that this time last year I was nearing the end of marathon training, so it’s not fair at all to compare now to then. Running again feels good, for the most part, so there’s no need to let it make me upset when I’m just getting back to it.

But the shoes. DEAR GOD THE SHOES. Will my shoe saga never end? I’ve been hunting for my perfect running shoe for over a year now, and it’s hard not to feel like there may never be an answer for me. I’ve put in so much time and effort, not to mention MONEY, with zero success.

The Hoka Claytons are officially dead to me. I’ve put in about 40 miles in them over the last 9 months and still can’t go more than one mile without horrific blisters on my insteps, no matter how much anti-chafe product I slather on. I’d post pictures, but I don’t want to make anyone puke. I had to throw my blue Mirage 4s away this week because the heels were ripped out so badly that it was causing blisters on my heels. And my orange Mirage 4s (my original pair), are over 3 years old and completely shot. Which means, I’m effectively running shoe-less.

I am biting the bullet today and ordering the Altra One 2.5s in two different sizes, so I can try them on and see if they even remotely might work. I’ll keep the ones that fit the best and try them out for 30 days. Altra has an AMAZING 30 day guarantee, so I’m hoping that these might finally bring an end to my shoe woes and get me back out and running comfortably.

I really hope I can get my shoe situation together before the racetastic month of May. I’ve got FOUR races, and if I don’t have good shoes, I’m going to be a very sad panda. If I have to put in any more miles with those damn Hokas, I may quit running altogether.

Anyone in the market for a lightly used pair of Hoka Claytons? 

Manic Monday – 04/17/17

Manic Monday

Training For: VT Corporate Cup Challenge 5k (May 11)and VT Respite House Jiggety Jog 5k (May 13)

Monday 04/10/17: Rest
I took the day off of work to rest and recuperate after my crazy show week for 9 to 5. I slept until almost 11, and then just puttered around the house getting my life back together.

Tuesday 04/11/17: 3 mile run
This was my first outdoor run AND longest run since November. Spring has finally sprung in VT and I had a beautiful, sunny day for runch. Perfection.

Wednesday 04/12/17: CrossFit
I picked a doozy of a day to come back to it after a week and change off. We worked on strict and push presses, and then did a MetCon that made me want to die. Only one person the WHOLE DAY finished the workout, and we have some tough, strong people at our box.

Thursday 04/13/17: 5k Run + Hot Yoga
A twofer! I can’t remember the last time I had a double day. I ran at lunch because I’m trying to get back to a semi-regular schedule. And then I hit up hot yoga before happy hour with Ben, his colleague Megan, and her boyfriend. Double the workout meant zero guilt having a flight of tasty beer samples and a taco bowl.

Friday 04/14/17: CrossFit
Deadlifts for a strength WOD (I PR’d!), and then a MetCon of squat clean/hanging squat clean/thruster complex plus burpees. Oof.

Saturday 04/15/17: Rest
What a glorious feeling to have an entire weekend off! We did our taxes, I did laundry, some cleaning, and played video games. It was delightful.

Sunday 04/16/17: Yard Work
Easter Sunday was mostly a day of rest, but when the sun came out in the afternoon, I couldn’t resist doing a bit of yard work. I raked up some junk, and we had a small fire just burning yard debris.

#Spring = #bonfires and #beer

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How was your Easter weekend?

Friday Free-For-All – 04/14/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

Today is a quiet day at the office. Because it’s Good Friday, the stock market and our main offices are closed, so today is just sort of a “catch up on filing and paperwork” kind of day.

We had an egg hunt! Our company’s Culture Club organized an egg hunt, hiding one egg for each person somewhere in the office. Mine had a mini package of Haribo gummi bears and a scratch ticket. I didn’t win anything, but it was still fun, and a nice little touch.

Ben and I have to do our taxes tomorrow. We’ve both been so busy this winter/spring that this is pretty much the only day we’re both going to be home to put our heads together and figure it out. I just hope we don’t have to pay anything. A little bit of a refund would be nice, too, but I’m not holding my breath.

Does your office do anything fun to celebrate holidays?



The Words You Never Want to Hear/Read

I got a text from Ben on Wednesday morning that read “FYI we’re in lockdown. My class is safe.” Apparently someone called and made threats of violence against Essex High School, so the entire school went into lockdown mode for almost three hours, while rumor swirled.

There wasn’t much more information on the outside, as news outlets just circulated the same basic story. I was stuck at work, which was actually a great distraction, but I was preoccupied all day, constantly refreshing the Burlington Free Press website for updates, worrying about the what-ifs.

Thankfully, police and a bomb squad ensured the safety of everyone in the school, and Ben came home Wednesday afternoon, but it was a scary, weird day. When you see this kind of stuff on the news, you never think it could happen to you.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Ben and I have been in this sort of situation; we lived in the Boston area in 2013, and he worked downtown. After the marathon bombings, he was stuck at his office, and I was in Watertown. Cell phones weren’t working and I had to call his office to get a hold of him to make sure he was ok.

And we were in Watertown the night the Tzarnaev brothers led police on a high-speed chase down Mt. Auburn Street. We had just gotten back to our apartment from dropping my sister off at Logan and Ben said “I think those are gunshots.” And I said, “No way, it’s just firecrackers.” And then there was an explosion, and we hid in our basement for 2 hours, listening to police scanner apps on our phones. And then spent the entire next day on lockdown along with all the other citizens of Boston.

I am very grateful for the quick, decisive action of the school district and local law enforcement for keeping the students and teachers safe. Now I just hope they find the bastard who called in those threats.

Done, Done, On to the Next One

9 to 5 the Musical is a wrap, folks! As usual, show week went by in a nearly incomprehensible blur. I laughed. I cried. I didn’t get enough sleep. I ate too much and didn’t drink too much and had an absolute ball. Here’s a nice melange of photos from the show and backstage (all show photos courtesy of Tim Barden Images):

And now, it’s time to start rehearsals for Dogfight. At least, theoretically we’ll be starting soon. I know the director also had a show this weekend, so he’s probably in the same state of recovery that I’m in, and that details will be forthcoming. I’m VERY excited to get working on this material. I think I may even bring back my “no booze during the rehearsal process” resolution that I had during Chess. This show isn’t as vocally demanding, but I still want to bring my absolute A game, and easing off on alcohol helps in more ways than one.

It’s also time to get back to CrossFit, back to running, and back to eating like a normal human being. This week will be a good time to ease back into training, with two CrossFit sessions, 2 lunch runs, and maybe some yoga.

Mostly I’m just excited to have free time again. I got to have a ladies’ night last night, and we’re going out with one of Ben’s colleagues on tomorrow. And we have to do our taxes on Saturday. Boo. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute, right?


Putting On My Fundraising Hat

Hello, dear readers. It’s that time once again. Time for me to put on my fundraising hat and ask anyone who feels so moved to open their wallets and donate to an incredible organization: The Vermont Respite House.

Photo May 07, 10 40 49 AM

Each year in May, I run the VT Respite House Jiggety Jog 5k and raise funds in honor of my grandmother, Patricia Buckler, who passed way at the Respite House almost 10 years ago, now. Gramma Pat received incredible, compassionate care, and we as a family were guided and supported through a very difficult time.

Not only is this a great race (great post-race food, great swag, excellent course support, and a history of birthday week PRs), but it supports an organization that is near and dear to my heart. If you feel moved to help me out, please click here to make a secure online donation.

Friday Free-For-All – 04/07/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

9 to 5 the Musical is officially open! Last night was SO. MUCH. FUN. Opening night is always amazing, but for Lyric shows, it’s always EXTRA awesome. There’s always a post-show champagne reception, and all the people who aren’t directly involved with the current show are in the audience to show support, so the audience was incredibly responsive and fun. I stayed up a little later than was maybe a good idea, but not so late that I regret it.

Zicam is LEGIT. I woke up with a sore throat on Monday, and immediately started in with Zicam nasal swabs, Emergen-C packets, Fire Cider gargling, and hot water with lemon and honey. I had a low fever Monday night into Tuesday, but after that, I was pretty much ok again. Zicam is supposed to shorten the duration and severity of cold symptoms, and if this week is any indication, it works! I never had anything worse than a sore throat and low fever. Unfortunately, as of this morning I’ve had a bit of a relapse in the sore throat department, but it’s probably due more to exhaustion and singing full out last night than actual illness.

This week has been so busy I’m barely hanging on. My work teammate Freda is also the assistant director for 9 to 5, and she took this WHOLE week off from work, so I’m already doing my job plus her job. But this is also the busiest week of the entire quarter as we get ready for our quarterly reporting process. I have been working non-stop every work day and then going non-stop with the show every night. I’m pretty much living for my recovery day off on Monday. It’s so close I can taste it! TGIF, yo.

Have you ever tried Zicam to get rid of a cold? Did it work for you?

March 2017 Wrap-Up

How is the first quarter of the year gone already? I swear, the older I get, the faster time goes by. Slow down, dang it!

What can I say, I just love it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go as much as I would have liked this month. I was gone the first week of March, and also had a minor back muscle tweak that kept me away from a couple of classes.

I am DEFINITELY seeing increased definition in my arms and legs, which is awesome. I have already noticed some increases in my one rep maxes on a few moves as well, so it’s working. I’m getting stronger each week. I wish I could say that the number on the scale was moving, but that unfortunately hasn’t been the case yet. I need to retake my measurements to see if those have changed at all, but I’m confident that if I just keep going, good stuff will happen. I also need to really dial in my nutrition, but progress is progress. I’ll take it.

I had my triumphant return to running this month! I kicked it off with a baby two miler on the treadmill at Planet Fitness and didn’t want to die in spite of four months off. A week later, I ran another baby run on the treadmill and still felt ok.

I need to get back into a somewhat regular running routine because of all the races I have in May, but since they are all short races, the pressure is quite low. I can just run a few miles a couple of times a week and be perfectly safe racing.

Shoes are still an issue. I have not yet managed to get to a point where I can run in the Hoka Claytons without getting painful blisters, so I have switched back to my old Saucony Mirage 4s. They won’t last forever, but they’re not totally wasted yet. I can’t afford to buy any more running shoes right now, so I’m just trying to sit tight and use what I’ve got.

9 to 5 the musical opens tomorrow night! I’m currently in the middle of “Hell Week” and just doing my best to get through in one piece. Needless to say, I’m exhausted, and I’m also fighting a swollen, sore throat. I’m taking all the medicine and using all of my various intervention products, and thankfully, I’m stable. And I’m very, very excited to finally put this show in front of an audience.

Having a nice date night out with Ben and getting a chance to connect before I basically didn’t see him for a week due to crazy rehearsals.

Getting sick during show week. Booooooo.

As a refresher, my goals for February were:

  • Go to CF 12 times–nope
  • Go to yoga at least once–yup!
  • Run at least twice–yup!
  • Start (and hopefully complete) the process of my 401(k) rollover–yup!

Well, three out of four ain’t bad, right? As noted above, I only made it to 9 CF classes due to vacation and a minor injury. But, I DID go to yoga, I DID run twice, and I DID complete my 401(k) rollover. BOOM!

What’s on the docket for April? More of the same. Several fitness goals plus one important life goal. I’ve got a lot of stuff I really want to get done before we start trying to get pregnant, and chipping off one or two a month really seems to be working for me.

  • Go to CF 9 times (prorated membership due to being busy with the show)
  • Go to yoga at least twice
  • Run at least three times
  • Schedule either wisdom teeth removal or gum surgery (yuck!)

How did your March shape up?