Half Crazy

I’m sure you’ve seen those t-shirts and bumper stickers floating around Pinterest–“I’m only half crazy–13.1.”  Well, I guess I’m half crazy, because I’ve decided that I’m going to run a half marathon in the fall.

Why? you may ask.  Good question.  And the best answer I have is:  Just to prove to myself I can.  Willpower has never been my strong suit.  I know my body is capable of running 13.1 miles, but my brain is a quitter.  I get to mile 4 and I get bored or tired and give up.  I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something I can be really proud of.

And of course, there’s the body-image thing, which I know pretty much everybody is tired of talking about.  Suffice to say, I’ve gained some weight since we moved back to VT in August, and I’m feeling down.  My pants don’t fit.  My bras don’t fit.  It’s not cool.  Having a concrete training goal will help me to stay focused in my fitness endeavor, and also most likely help me eat better, because if I don’t fuel properly for workouts, I won’t be able to complete them.

I found this Half Marathon Training Program on Pinterest, and I think it will work pretty well, although I’m going to add in a few more rest days.  I think running 6 days a week is pretty insane, even if you are training for a big race.  Also, I plan to give myself PLENTY of time before actually doing a race.  I’m looking at the Charlotte Covered Bridges Half Marathon in early September.  Since the training program is 10 weeks long, I may actually do it twice, just to stay committed and stay in shape.  Once I make some tweaks to the training schedule, I’ll post it here.  I’ll also be giving periodic workout updates and info on running gear, tips and food.  Giddy-up!

3 thoughts on “Half Crazy

    • raediantphoenix says:

      Thanks! I’m really excited 🙂 Planning to run some 5k and 10ks through the summer to stay motivated.

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