Getting it Done

Last night I made it all the way to the gym only to discover that I’d forgotten my running shoes.  I yelled a few choice curses and got back in the car to head home.  On the way, I had an epic back and forth between Lazy Rachel and Motivated Rachel.  It went something like this:

Lazy Rachel:  See?  This is a sign.  Just give this whole thing up and go home.

Motivated Rachel:  No!  This is a test!  You’ve just got to go home, get your shoes, and go back and get on that treadmill!

LR:  Seriously?  Drive all the way home across town and all the way back?  Are you nuts?

MR:  You can do this!  You have to!

LR:  F%$#!  This is so stupid!  I don’t wanna!  I’m hungry!  I’m tired!  Let’s just stay home and go another day.

MR:  Don’t be a lazy a$$!!  You HAVE TO DO THIS!  Don’t be lame and give up your first week of training!

And so on.  At any rate, I’m pleased to report that Motivated Rachel won, and I went back to the gym and ran a slow, but steady and free, three miles.  It actually felt wonderful.  I haven’t been running with any regularity for months, so to be able to bust out 3 miles like that felt so good!  I am so proud of myself for going back even though I REALLY didn’t want to.

For those of you who know me, you know that I get “hangry” or “hungry angry.”  Just ask my poor, sweet boyfriend, who usually bears the brunt of my “h-anger.”

Me all the time

So the fact that I got back to the gym with my shoes around the time I was planning to leave, and was consequently REALLY hungry the whole time I was at the gym but still managed to do my run, is a complete miracle.

How do you stay motivated on a tough day?

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