So Much Snow

Those of you in New England know what I’m talking about.  Over the past 24 hours, we’ve been hammered with tons of snow, bitter cold temps, and high winds.  We are sitting squarely in the 12-24″ range, and although it’s tough to tell exactly how much we’ve gotten due to the wind, it feels like we got all of it.

Normally, I love snow.  When I was little, I used to play outside in the snow  by myself for hours (insert clever Frozen reference here).  As an adult, I recognize that it’s great for the Vermont economy (yay snow sports!).  Also, it’s WAY prettier to look at than dead grass and mud.  So when I heard that we would be getting this storm, I wasn’t too put out.  After all, it’s March in Vermont.  It snows.  Duh.

Snowy Street

Today, however, I’m not feeling it, and I have 3 specific reasons:

1.  A drift of snow blocked our boiler vent last night, causing a buildup of carbon monoxide in our apartment.  Thankfully, our carbon monoxide detector went off (at 1:30am, thank you very much), waking us all up.  Ben, being the handy man that he is, immediately determined the problem and went out into the arctic mess to shovel out the vent.  Unfortunately, it took about an hour to dissipate the CO2 enough that the alarms stopped going off.  In addition to the inconvenience of not getting a full night’s sleep, it’s really scary to think that if we hadn’t had those CO2 detectors, we could have died…

2.  I walk 2 miles to work each day, and today, the sidewalks were not shoveled/plowed.  This means that I had to slog through drifts up to my knees and scramble over snow banks 3 or 4 feet high.  In places I had to walk in the road because I was too exhausted to push through any more snow.  Why not take a bus, you ask?  Because I’m a bit of an elitist, and the bus usually smells and has weird people on it.  I would rather walk 2 miles through the snow than ride the bus for 15 minutes.

Snow boots

3.  The combination of my exhaustion from numbers one and two, plus the fact that it’s STILL snowing makes it very unlikely that I’ll get to the gym for my 3 miles tonight.  I’m not currently equipped for outdoor winter running, and with the sidewalks as bad as they are, that’s probably not an option anyway.  I don’t want to totally write it off since it’s only 8:30 am, but I just have to be honest that it’s not looking good.  I may go tomorrow instead, since tomorrow was going to be a rest day.  We’ll see how it plays out.

What do you do when weather derails your training plan?

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