Sunday Summary–03/23/14

So this summary is a day late, whoops!  As I said the other day, this has been an off week.  I simply haven’t been getting to the gym as often as I’d like.  The good news is, I discovered that the people we’re house-sitting for have an elliptical and a bowflex-type thingy in the basement, so I should be able to do more cross-training this week!

Monday:  No workout.  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  Bummer.

Tuesday:  Ran 3 miles in under 30 minutes (on a hill setting, no less!), which is a personal best for me.  I was super stoked; although my blisters are still killing me.

Wednesday:  Once again, no workout.  But I did make really delicious chicken and green beans for dinner, so that was nice.  And Ben and I spent an hour or so in the hot tub, which, if you ask me, was a great trade-off.

Thursday:  I struggled through 4 treadmill miles, with a few 60 second walking breaks mixed in.  Between the blisters and being overtired from my longer-than-normal commute, I just wasn’t feeling it today.  But I did it.  Then I did a bunch of stretching.  My reward was delicious shepherd’s pie and a big ol’ salad (not pictured cause I inhaled it)

Shepherd's Pie

Friday:  I took Miss Annie for a nice long walk this evening–about 40 minutes total.  I sprinkled in a few minutes of jogging because I could tell Annie needed the exercise, and quite frankly, I did too.  It felt great!  And it was a beautiful evening.


Saturday:  I got up early and got my tushie on the elliptical machine.  I finished a half hour program, and decided to do another one.  I discovered this morning that watching “The Walking Dead” while exercising is EXTREMELY motivating.  I need to be in shape in case there’s a zombie apocalypse!

Sunday:  I intended to take Annie for a nice long walk, but the wind was bitterly cold, and after about a half mile, I turned tail and headed home.  My cheeks were numb!  So I decided to jump on the elliptical again and did another hour, plus lots of stretching.

You may notice that I didn’t get a long run in on Saturday.  We’re staying on a dirt road that doesn’t get plowed/sanded well, and it’s been snowing a few inches almost every night, so I haven’t been able to get outside to run.  We’re also currently about an hour away from our gym, so it’s not worth driving all that way just to do a treadmill run.  This means I’m behind on my training miles, so I’ve decided to repeat Week 2 of my training program (3 mile run, 4 mile run, 5 mile run).  I may not be able to get my long run in this Saturday either, but I’ll just have to play it by ear.

How did your week shape up?

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