New Workout Clothes

I am so excited about my new workout clothes!  I’ve been spending WAY too much money and time lately on getting myself properly equipped, but I don’t care.  With summer coming, loose-fitting, breathable clothing will become a wardrobe staple, so I’m hoping to be able to fold these clothes in with my normal summer wear.

I’m OBSESSED with these tanks from Old Navy.  They are lightweight, breathable, and fit beautifully–not too tight, but not super baggy.  I got the purple one in store for $8.99, and the yellow and orange are on clearance for $5.00 at!  I can totally get away with wearing these tops for non-running activities too, right?



I also got these fun compression capris.  I love the subtle design at the bottom!



My new plan with workout clothes is to get all black bottoms and all colorful tops, so I don’t have to worry about matching.  That way, I can just grab and go, and I’ll always look cute.  Or at least, as cute as I can sweating my butt off!

Next up on the gear purchasing horizon will be a foam roller, followed by a hydration belt since I’m coming up on higher mileage over the next few weeks.  A new sports bra is becoming more of a necessity by the moment (I’m a busty gal, so good ones are hard to come by).  I also need new shoes eventually, but I know that’s going to be a big cost, so I’m delaying a bit.  Later in the summer I’ll probably hit up our local New Balance store to get properly fitted.

What’s your favorite running gear?  Have you bought anything new lately?

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