Sunday Summary–03/30/14

This has been another challenging week.  Another week away from home, off our normal routine.  I am SO EXCITED that we got to go home today and settle back into our own home and snuggle our kitty!  We did some grocery shopping and meal planning, which is going to help so much in getting back to the gym.  We tend to plan quick, easy meals for gym nights, and more elaborate meals for non-gym nights.

I’m hoping that now that we are done house-sitting (for the time-being), I can get back to my regularly scheduled training program.  The Light the Night 5k is in 3 1/2 weeks, so I need to get my miles in!

Monday:  After dinner, Ben and I took Miss Annie for a nice, long walk.  It was still super cold and my face was numb by the time we got home, but it felt so nice to get outside and get my body moving.  Come on, spring!  I want to run outside!

Tuesday:  Another 3 miler.  I decided to do a 3 minute walking warm-up, because I find that my body does much better with a good warm up, and I can keep going a lot longer.  It felt good to get running again, although my left inner thigh muscle (adductor?) was super tight and had been bothering me a bit.  I finished up with lots of stretching.  I’m planning to buy a foam roller in the hopes that some massage will help.  We also took Annie for a short walk after dinner.

Wednesday:  Lazy day–no workout.  We intended to take Annie for a walk after dinner, but she has been super itchy lately, so we decided to give her a bath with her special oatmeal and aloe shampoo instead.  Since she was all wet and it was freezing out, no walk.  But I’m glad we did the bath, because she was much less restless last night, so we all slept better!

Photo Mar 28, 10 00 52 AMThursday:  I’m happy to report that this 4 mile run was a lot better than last week’s.  While it certainly wasn’t easy, I managed to run the whole time.  I experienced some yucky lung stitches for the first mile or two, but I just focused on breathing and good form, and I made it through.  Finished up with lots of stretching.  My thigh muscle felt great after some light massage and a few days off.

Friday:  After dinner, I took Annie for a 2.5 mile walk.  It wasn’t sunny and nice, but it was warm.  It felt good to be outside.

Saturday:  I got up early, fueled up with water and toast with PB, and hit the dirt for 5 miles.  This was my longest run in almost a year, and it actually felt great.  I think outdoor running is going to be a game changer for me 🙂

Sunday:  Another rest day.  We were very productive after we got home–meal planning, grocery shopping and laundry.  It felt good to get back into out home routine.

So that’s it–another week of training down.  This coming week begins higher mileages, including some that will be record breakers for me as far as distance goes.  I’m excited to tackle the challenge.

How was your week?

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