Personal Record!

Well guys, I did it!  I officially ran further today than I ever have before–6.1 miles, or, 10k!

Photo Apr 05, 9 37 08 AM

I was really nervous this morning.  It was cool and damp, but thankfully not raining.  I ate a brown rice cake with peanut butter, chugged some water, and off I went.  I set out planning to do 2 laps of the three mile loop I mapped out earlier in the week; that way, if things went bad, I wouldn’t be far away from home.

The amazing thing is, I actually felt REALLY good the whole run–no pain, no shortness of breath, no side stitches.  I was in a really positive head space and was totally feeling it.  I’m pretty excited because now, I can actually see myself running a half marathon and being ok.  I’ve finally found the voice inside that says “I can do this” rather than the voice that says I can’t, and that’s a really powerful thing.

After my run, Ben and I met up with some friends for brunch at Magnolia.  I was STARVING!  It took forever for the food to come, so I drank three cups of coffee while we waited.  I ordered the “Bo Knows Breakfast,” which was one oatmeal pancake, 2 eggs, toast, sausage and hash browns.  I am not ashamed to say I ate it all!  And sorry, no pictures.  By the time it arrived I was too hungry to bother with my camera!

Then, we spent the afternoon spring cleaning.  Between the endorphins and the caffeine I was full of energy!  Our stove top is now shiny and clean, and there’s no more pink scuzz on our shower head.  Yay!  Tonight, we’re driving down to the central part of the state for a friend’s birthday party.  It should be a really good time–roasted turkey and the works!

What’s the farthest you’ve ever run?  How did it feel to break your record?

6 thoughts on “Personal Record!

  1. Nora says:

    My farthest is 13.1 miles. After mile 12 of the race all I could think of was, “well, I’ve never run this far before”. That 1.1 miles was amazing.

      • Nora says:

        I’ve actually completed four. 🙂 I went from only doing a handful of 5ks to training for a half in 2011. Just dove right in. 🙂 I kind of like the 10k distance though–not as long as a half so I can run faster, but not like a 5k where I almost always push myself to the point of nearly dying.

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