Sunday Summary – 4/6/14

Oops!  Yet another “Sunday Summary” on Monday.  Maybe I should just change it to weekly wrap up so I can post it whenever?  But I really like alliteration…  Oh well.  Anyway…

What a difference a week can make!  Being back home has been incredible, both on the running front, and on the healthy eating front.  I have really been focusing on upping my produce and protein intake.  I also hit all my mileage goals and managed to get some cross-training in.  I’m feeling great!

Monday:  First day back in the gym for lifting in over two weeks, and boy did I feel it!  Squats, dead-lifts, bench press, bent over rows, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, lots of abs and a one minute plank.  It was nice to just get a full-body, all over workout in.  I also walked 2 miles to work in the morning.

Tuesday:  Walked 2 miles to work in the morning, and then did a lovely 3.3 mile outdoor run.  It was warm(ish), then sun was out, and I felt great, even though it was wet and muddy!

Wednesday:  Walked 2 miles to work in the am.  The weather was incredible and I thought about going for a run, but my calves were still stiff and sore from my Tuesday run, so I decided not to push it.  I had a glass of red wine and watched the Walking Dead instead 🙂

Thursday:  Walked 2 miles to work in the morning  Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as nice out as Wednesday, but I got a comfortable 4 miles in.  My calves are a bit sore again, so I’m really looking forward to getting the foam roller that I ordered.  I hear it hurts so good!

The view over Lake Champlain

The view over Lake Champlain

Friday:  Ben and I went over to our friends’ house for a couples date.  We had a few drinks and played some Wii.  We were supposed to go downtown to meet up with some people after, but I was tired, and knew I had a long run scheduled for Saturday morning, so I just hit the hay at 11.  I turned down drinks so I could get my sleep for running… Who am I?!?!

Saturday:  LONGEST RUN EVER!  Personal record of 6.1 miles.  And what’s crazy is, I actually maintained an average pace of just about 10 minutes/mile.  That’s WAY faster than I expected.  I’m feeling way more confident about my ability to complete a half after this.  From here on out, every long run will be a distance record.  Yeehaw!

Photo Apr 05, 9 37 08 AM

Sunday:  We slept in.  Had a leisurely breakfast.  Did our taxes (yuck).  We went for frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf (yum!) and then decided to go for a nice long walk along the water front and through downtown, which helped to offset the fro-yo a little bit 🙂  Then I made some absolutely heavenly butternut squash soup for dinner–recipe will be posted this week!

Frank's Red Hot makes everything better!

Frank’s Red Hot makes everything better!

This has been a really excellent week, both on the life side of things and the running side of things.  I’m feeling way more positive about running, and excited to continue on this journey.  I think it’s the weather.  It’s finally warming up and the sun is streaming through the windows as I type.  Definitely a mood booster!

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