Struggle Bus

That’s right folks, I’m riding the Struggle Bus this morning.


Ben has had a nasty cold for the last week or so, and my body is finally succumbing.  Booo.  I could tell when I woke up yesterday that it was coming.  I was extra tired and my sinuses felt icky.  But I pushed through the day and actually made it out for my 3 miles.  Which, in retrospect, was probably a bad idea.  It was damp and cool and I was feeling really grouchy.  The good news, however, is that I pulled out 2.9 miles in 26.33, which means that I might actually be able to pull off a sub-30 minute 5k at Light the Night in a couple of weeks, so that’s pretty cool!

The second not-so-smart thing I did last night is wait 30 minutes in the damp and cold to get my free cone for Ben & Jerry’s free cone day.  The line was ridiculously long, and we were stuck behind a bunch of obnoxious little kids who kept wandering in and out of line.  But honestly, free ice cream was worth it.  Especially Americone Dream.  Mmmmm.

We ended up going to bed at quarter of 10 last night, but I did NOT sleep well.  One of the surest indicators that I’m actually sick and not just suffering from allergies is that I don’t sleep for crap when I’m sick, and last night was no exception.  I was up, tossing and turning, pretty much every hour.  It was miserable.  And I woke up with full-blown congestion this morning.

I’m planning to take it easy today and hydrate like crazy.  I was supposed to go out for a “Ladies’ Night” tonight to see Divergent, but I think I’m gonna bail and just go home and go to bed.  I’ve got a long run scheduled on Saturday morning that I don’t want to miss, and then we’re headed to RI for the Great American Brewer’s Festival.  I do NOT want to be sick and miss out on delicious beer and a weekend with my friends.

Do you run when you’re sick?

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