Manic Monday – 04/14/14

Good morning, and welcome to Manic Monday, where I give a recap of the previous week and lay out some goals and intentions for the upcoming week.  Unfortunately, this past week didn’t go as planned.  Between Ben being sick and me thinking I was sick but really just suffering from intense seasonal allergies, I skipped a couple of work outs, but I still managed my long run.  I really need to get my cross-training days in so I don’t hurt myself.  I would like to be incorporating yoga into the mix, but I can’t afford to spend $15 a week on classes right now.  I may download the Nike Training Club app, because I believe it has some yoga workouts.

Monday:  This was supposed to be a cross-training day, but Ben had a really bad cold and I don’t like lifting by myself, so I did hills and speed work, woo!  I warmed up with a mile on incline 0.2 at 6 mph, then alternated 30 seconds at 8 mph and 1 minute at 6 mph on a 0.2 incline 6 times, then walked for 5 minutes at 4.3 mph on a 4.0 incline, and cooled down with 3 minutes of walking.  I was a sweaty beast by the end!  I finished up with 2 minutes of plank and plank variations.  I also walked the 2 miles to work.

Tuesday:  I went out for a quick 3 miles, and ended up with 2.9 miles in 26.33.  For me, that’s super quick!  I’m pretty psyched because I am now feeling fairly confident that I can get a sub-30 minute 5k next weekend at Light the Night.  Woohoo!  I also walked 2 miles to work in the morning.

Photo Apr 08, 5 27 06 PM

Wednesday:  Other than walking the 2 miles to work, I took a rest day.  I wasn’t feeling so hot, so I cancelled my Ladies’ Night plans and stayed home in my PJs, watching the Walking Dead and drinking lot s of fluids.  I was in bed by 10!

Thursday:  I walked to and from work, for a total of 4 miles, but other than that, I didn’t do a workout.  Today was supposed to be 4 miles, but since I still wasn’t feeling well, I took the night off.  I wanted to make sure I’m 100% for my long run on Saturday morning and the Brewer’s Festival Saturday night.

Friday:  Another rest day other than walking to work.  My sinuses were killing me–itchy, watery eyes, stuffiness, runny nose… I thought I got what Ben had at first, but by this point I was convinced it was allergies.  I took some Nyquil and went to bed at 9.

Photo Apr 12, 8 50 03 AMSaturday:  We were up and at ’em at 6, because I had to  squeeze in my long run before driving down to MA and RI for the brew fest.  7.1 miles went by surprisingly fast.  Unfortunately, I forgot my new hydration belt (womp womp), but even so, I felt pretty dang good at the end.  I was tired, but I think if I’d had water and some fuel, I could have gone longer.  Starting to feel like a “real” runner here, folks!  Saturday night was the Great International Brewer’s Festival in Providence (full post on that tomorrow!).

Sunday:  We slept in at our friends’ house, went out for brunch, and then drove home.  Then it was meal planning, grocery shopping, and out for drinks with my bestie, Krissy, who lives in San Fran, but was in town for the weekend.

This morning I am definitely feeling the effects of a weekend of excess–not enough sleep, too much greasy food, and too much booze have left me groggy and a little queasy.  I’m hoping to get back on track this week.

Rein it inGoals for the Upcoming Week:

  • Get back on track with healthy eating.  We’ve planned out our meals and done the shopping, so if we just stick to the plan, this shouldn’t be too hard
  • Incorporate more cross-training to stay strong and injury-free.  I’ve been hitting the miles really hard, but not hitting the gym.  It may be challenging getting to the gym from here on out because the weather is getting nicer, so I need to make use of other resources like the Nike Training Club app or yoga classes, or playing pick-up sports with friends.
  • Get caught up on sleep.  We’ll see about this.  Today I can see myself going to bed before 10, but you never know what’s going to come up.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  I need to purge the system after this weekend.  It was wonderful and I don’t regret any of it for a second, but I just feel yucky.

Did you have a nice weekend?  What are you hoping to accomplish this week?

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