Modnar is Random Backwards

I find myself with a lot of random things I want to talk about today, and I’m too tired to formulate a coherent post.  So, I’m going to take a leaf out of Marissa from Will Run For Muffins‘ book and give it to you in list form.

Photo Dec 18, 8 20 11 PM1.  We got our kitten spayed yesterday, and she’s been super doped up and loopy.  It makes me really sad to see her this way because she’s such a lively, personable little girl.  At least this morning she was able to sit up and purr.  I can’t wait until she’s back to normal!

2.  I ordered a Road ID “Slim” and it should be here tomorrow, just in time for my long run (8 miles!) on Saturday.  It’s orange (my favorite color) and I’m very excited to have it.  Knowing me, I’ll probably wear it every day, cause I’m a dork like that.

3.  I’m getting my hair cut tonight, and I can’t wait!  I’m growing out a pixie cut that I had in the fall, and right now I’m in the awkward mushroom-y pseudo-mullet stage.  Not terribly attractive.  While I don’t regret cutting my hair short, I do wish there was a fast re-grow button.  Here is a collage of the various stages my hair has gone through in the past 9 months or so:

Photo Apr 24, 8 19 52 AM

Yes, that’s Ben with a Fu Manchu. It’s a long story…

4.  I am only $300 away from my goal of raising $1000 for the VT Respite House 5k Jiggety Jog in a few weeks.  My family (of course) has been extremely supportive, but I also received a lot of donations from coworkers, friends, and even one anonymous donation, which I assume is one of my fellow bloggers–thank you!  I’m stunned that I’ve managed to raise $700 in such a short time, but now I need to make a final push to get to my goal.  If you’re interested in helping me get there, please click here.  (I promise this is the last time I’ll solicit donations for this race on my blog–the race is only 2 weeks away!)

5.  I haven’t been good about keeping to my training schedule at all this week.  Ben’s on break so he’s been all over the place, and I’ve been feeling a bit worn down.  I’m going to try really hard to get a few miles in tonight after my hair cut, but I’ll need to make sure I have a snack first.

6.  We haven’t been grocery shopping in almost 2 weeks, so we’re really scraping the bottom of the food barrel.  I popped into the store on Tuesday night and grabbed a few snacks for me (almonds, Greek yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese), but dinners haven’t been great and I’ve been eating lunch out a lot.  Not good.  I need to get back into a routine.

7.  I’m going to hit up a local outdoors-y store to grab some Gu’s and Gels and stuff to try out during my long run on Saturday.  Any suggestions?

There.  Brain dump complete.  And now I’m going to leave you with an image that I think perfectly expresses how I feel this morning.


Do you ever have days where you just can’t get enough coffee?  What are your favorite long run/race fuels?

2 thoughts on “Modnar is Random Backwards

  1. dgobs says:

    This entire week has been full of days where I just can’t get enough coffee! Urgh.

    I have the RoadID slim too, and I love it! I wish I had gotten a bright color now though… I opted for black, who knows why.

    Growing out short hair can be so painful. My senior pictures in high school were timed badly between haircuts so I’ll always have a reminder of the awful mullety thing I was rocking back then.

    No suggestions on fuel for a long run, I’ve never been on a run long enough to need it, heh. Let me know if you find something good! I’m sure I’ll be looking for suggestions myself soon 🙂

    • DarlinRae says:

      I’m so excited about my Road ID, and now I’m extra glad I got orange 🙂

      Also, my haircut turned out GREAT! He didn’t really make it any shorter but texturized it really well so it’s not mushroom-y. Yay!

      I’ll definitely be reviewing the fuels I try here, so hopefully that will be helpful!

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