Manic Monday – 4/28/14

And here we are, another Manic Monday, where I recap the previous week’s training etc, and set out some goals for the upcoming week.  

This week hasn’t been a stellar week on the training front, but as I mentioned in Friday’s post, I’m ok with having off weeks and not following my training plan to a “t.”  I’m staying active, I’m doing my long runs, and I’m living my life.  I’m happy.

Photo Apr 25, 9 34 49 AMMonday
This was a scheduled cross-training day, but since it was Marathon Monday and the weather was so beautiful, I had to go for a run.  I intended to do a quick 2 miles, but I ended up doing 2.4.  I also started out waaay faster than I usually go, and when I got home and looked at my splits, realized I ran a 7:59 mile.  Umm, what?  I have never run that fast in my life!  It felt amazing to see those numbers when I never expected to.  Yay!

This was scheduled to be a 4 mile run, but life sort of intervened.  Ben was at his parents’ place in Underhill (about 30 minutes away) for a few days working on our truck since he’s on spring break.  I had to pick him up tonight so he could bring our kitty to the vet Wednesday morning.  We had dinner with his parents and didn’t get home until after nine, so no workout.

Photo Apr 24, 9 48 07 PM

Drugged out kitten

Other than walking to and from work (2 miles each way), I didn’t do anything.  I had very good intentions of doing some leg stuff at home after dinner, but then I put my big, cozy sweatpants on, and well, I just didn’t feel like it.  The kitty was all loopy from her procedure and I just wanted to snuggle her and relax.

This was supposed to be a 5 mile run, but honestly, I’m realizing that I don’t really have time for more than 3 miles during the week right now if I want to eat dinner and be in bed at a reasonable hour, or not get up while it’s still dark.  I fully intended to do 3 miles after my hair cut, but then it was such a beautiful night, and my hair looked so good, and we didn’t have any food in the house…  I went home and grabbed Ben and we went out to dinner.  Of course, we had to wander around downtown for about a half hour until we found a place that didn’t have a long wait.  There must be some event at UVM this weekend because restaurants were PACKED!  So at least I got some walking in 🙂

Scheduled rest day.  Ben left for a bachelor party weekend in Atlantic City so I spent some quality time with the kitties and Netflix.

This was supposed to be my long run, but due to some family drama that kept me up most of the night, I slept in instead.  I used the day for cleaning and meal planning, which was much needed.

Photo Apr 27, 10 11 56 AMSunday
I got my 8 miles in–8.1 miles to be exact.  It actually went really well, in spite of the fact that it was cold and rainy the whole time.  This was my first long run with my hydration belt (awesome) and some fuel (vanilla bean GU–review coming soon), and I definitely think that helped.  After some vigorous stretching and foam rolling (ow), I did nothing but relax and binge-watch Glee on Neftlix.  Don’t judge–I stopped watching after season 2 and I’m curious about what’s happened since.

Photo Apr 28, 8 02 17 AM

My right hip was a little sore all day yesterday, but it feels looser today.  Unfortunately, I woke up with some pain in my right foot this morning, which is kind of weird.  I didn’t have any foot pain during my run or after my run yesterday, but it’s pretty angry right now–it definitely didn’t appreciate my walk to work.  The plan is to take it easy and play it by ear as far as my scheduled runs for tomorrow and Thursday.  If I’m still in pain, I won’t run.  I’m also finally going to bite the bullet and get new shoes this week, hopefully before my long run on Saturday.  My current kicks have over 400 miles on them, and they’ve never really been that great for me anyway.  Now that I’m getting into the higher mileage, it’s gonna be really important to get proper footwear.

My ONLY goal this week is to take it easy and make sure that my hip and foot pain don’t get worse/turn into full-blown injuries.  I’m still a newbie with all of this, and I can’t tell if I should see a doctor or not.  I’m currently on a high deductible ($2500) insurance plan, so I have to pay for EVERYTHING out of pocket, and I can’t really afford a lot right now :/

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