Friday Free-For-All (Four)

Welcome to Friday Free-For-All, where I talk about anything and everything on my mind.  Sometimes, it even makes sense!

#Chewsday Challenge Check-In:  This week was tough.  Ben and I are a bit short on funds at the moment, so we didn’t make it to the grocery store.  For the most part, I stuck to my rules–no booze during the week, one treat per day, protein at every meal.  The only one I didn’t do well with was veggie or fruit at every meal.  We are fresh out of fresh produce, so I didn’t have anything for breakfasts, but I was able to get some in for most of my meals and snacks, so all in all, I’m feeling good.  Hopefully I can continue these habits through vacation this coming week.  I think a large part of that will be buying my own groceries.

I got this super-spiffy, super-expensive tote bag fo’ free!  This is a custom-designed Timbuk2 Tartine tote that my coworker’s daughters gave her.  Online, the color looked like a nice coral, but in person, it’s screaming orange.  Since orange is not Lori’s color, and is so totally mine, she gave me this tote bag, brand new with the tags still on.  This will be my new summer tote/beach bag, and I’m super psyched.  Lots of pockets and a wipeable TPU lining means easy clean-up.  The best part is, this tote is versatile enough that it can replace two other tote bags, which helps me clear out some clutter!

Photo Jun 02, 2 17 37 PM

Purple polka dots!!

Purple polka dots!!

What is it with racer-back everything for women?  I’m in the market for some new running tanks, and it seems like everything available for women is racer-back.  The sports bras that I’m currently using (lululemon tata-tamer) are not racer-back, so if I wear a racer-back tank, my bra straps are hanging out, which I really don’t find attractive.  Do any of you have suggestions for tanks that have a normal back?  I found some ones that look nice by C9 at Target, but I don’t have a Target near me and I’m hesitant about buying clothes online.

Busty girl running problems.  I desperately need some new sports bras.  The ones I’m currently using, lululemon tata-tamers, just aren’t cutting it.  I could actually feel my boobs bouncing and they hurt a lot during and after my 8 miler on Sunday.  I am a 32G, and sports bras my size are not readily available.  I can’t spend a lot right now, but I would really like to get something before the half on June 29.  Any other busty runners out there?  What do you use?  Help a fellow busty girl out!

I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR MY VACATION!!!  As of 4:30 pm today, I will be in vacation mode.  This is my family’s annual trip to Cape Cod, and it couldn’t be coming at a better time.  I need a few days off from work and some time with my family.  I’m looking forward to early morning runs, lots of reading, working on my tan (with sunscreen, of course!), swimming, and shopping.  I’ve already planned out a 3 mile and a 5 mile running route, so I’ll hopefully be able to get my first double-digit run in at some point.  I’ll try to post a couple of times, but no promises.  And I’ll try to keep up with reading and comments.  And of course, I’ll be doing a recap post when I get back 🙂

Catch me right here all week :)

Catch me right here all week 🙂

Do you have an annual family vacation?  Have you ever been to Cape Cod?

30 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All (Four)

  1. prairieprincessrunners says:

    I had a really horrible experience with having to rip the tata tamer out of my back after my first 20 mile run a few years ago…massive chaffe situation–was horrible and gross and painful. I have heard good things about Moving Comfort (I plan on trying one when my current batch of bras needs replacement) and I like the Under Armour bras, but they don’t come in a G cup. 😦

    Oh and side note, your vacation sounds incredible. I have never been to Cape Cod, but it always looks so beautiful in photos! 🙂 Have a great time! 🙂

    • DarlinRae says:

      Thanks for the tips, and the well-wishes! Hoping I can find a place that’s got some good options. I think Fleet Feet might actually have some, and I love them there 🙂

      • prairieprincessrunners says:

        Good luck! Sports bras are the most annoying things to shop for I find as you don’t know if what you are buying is great until you give it a try for 10 or so miles…and it’s not like you can return it after that. lol.

    • DarlinRae says:

      We’ve stayed in Dennis every summer, which is on the bay side (warmer for swimming). It’s sort of mid-Capey. Lots of great public beaches, and some of the rental homes actually have access to private or semi-private resident-only beaches as well. If you’re more into lounging on the beach and cooking for yourself and your family, Dennis is awesome. One of my favorite parts is that when the tide goes out, there is almost a mile of sandbar, so there’s lots more room and it’s less crowded.

      If you’re more looking for “touristy” stuff like restaurants, bars and shops, you may want to check out Provincetown, Chatham (pricey!) and other larger towns. We usually just make day-trips to those places if we feel like it.

  2. SuzLyfe says:

    Ooof, good luck with the bra sitch. I used to have huge bassoombas (not as big as yours you “lucky” girl) and I know the pain of wrangling them.

    • DarlinRae says:

      It’s a huge pain–literally. Having a small ribcage and large breasts is really difficult, because a size XL sports bra barely fits my breasts, but doesn’t actually touch my ribs. Le sigh. You’d think in a society that reveres big boobs as much as ours does would do a better job of supporting them.

  3. dgobs says:

    I’ve noticed the racer-back trend too, and I have the same problem with sports bras. I do have a C9 bra from Target that is racer-back and I actually love it, it’s one of my favorites. You might want to check out Moving Comfort ( too. I went to a fitting session they had at a local running store, and they have lots of styles and sizes/cups. The one I got is comfortable and tames the ladies quite well 🙂

    I have a few C9 tank tops (I guess they’re actually sleeveless? Not “tank tops” technically?) from Target that I love too, these actually:

    Can’t wait to hear about your vacation! My extended family rented a giant cottage on the Cape when I was 9 and it’s still my favorite vacation ever 🙂

    • DarlinRae says:

      Hey, thanks for the recommendations! I wish there was a Target on the Cape so I could pick some stuff up. Maybe I’ll stop at one on the way?

      I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and maybe keep a journal or something so I can give a good recap 🙂

      • dgobs says:

        I’m not sure which route you’re taking, but if you’re on 93 at all there’s a Target in Woburn and one in Braintree (both close to the highway), and then one in Kingston off Route 3. There’s also one in Millbury not too far off 90 by Worcester if you’re going that way. … Not like you couldn’t look this up yourself 🙂 I swear I’m not paid by Target either!

        Enjoy the Cape!

      • DarlinRae says:

        Haha, someone else who shares my love of Target 😉

        I haven’t scoped out my route yet, I usually just go whichever way the GPS unit tells me. I know there’s one in NH fairly close to 93/3 so I may just do that.

  4. piratebobcat says:

    Have fun, I’ve never been to the Cape – Wait, I’ve been to Plymouth Rock, is that on the Cape? Now I’m wondering how Cape Cod got it’s name. I picture a super hero fish.

  5. runsaltrun says:

    I approve of that screaming orange bag! That thing is awesome!! What a great freebie and so nice of her to give it to you!

    I feel you on racerbacks. I feel like all my summer shirts (not just workout) are racerback too. I had to buy a racerback bra just so I wasn’t all strappy everywhere.

    I hope you have a marvelous vacation!! I’ve never been to Cape Cod but I certainly want to!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I got the worst sunburn last weekend from a racerback! (I didn’t get the sunscreen far enough in on my shoulder blades and there was no one around to help, ouch). Last summer I bought several C9 tops from Target and they are all in pretty good shape. Not sure if it’s the same style you saw, but it’s basically just a sleeveless t-shirt – not too low in front and full coverage on the back.

    I will echo others in that Moving Comfort is usually named as one of the best bra brands. I’m not very busty, but I did the fitting at a local running store that another commenter mentioned, and had a very busty friend with me who found one she liked. 🙂

    Enjoy your vacation!

    • DarlinRae says:

      Thank you! I’m gonna try to hit up a Target on my way to or from vacation to see if I can try a few of the C9 tops. I think when I get back I need to head to my local Fleet Feet for a fitting 🙂

  7. Kimberley@Black Dog Runs Disney says:

    I’m embarassed to say in all the time I lived in CT, I only went to the Cape once! #mutthead I know I loved it though, as who can’t love being on the beach? Hmmm, may be the reason I moved to FLORIDA! Have fun, destress, decon, (from all the crappy non #Chewsday food:), and use that sunscreen. And I won’t tell anyone if you have a couple (dozen) margaritas while you’re there. Promise. Really. Not a word. 🙂

  8. txa1265 says:

    It is definitely tough get a handle on balanced grocery shopping – I hate throwing stuff out and also having to supplement mid-cycle. We’ve gotten better but it isn’t perfect. I have taken to having a bunch of frozen fruits for my smoothies, that in a pinch I can just have in a bowl or whatever.

    And I also LOVE the bag – good bags of any sort are an awesome thing! I had an expensive laptop messenger bag I wasn’t going to use (I prefer a backpack style) that I gave to a colleague – who still uses it two years later! Awesome.

    I can’t help you on the third topic … I just have to make sure I am stocked with band-aids to deal with potential chafing! 🙂

    And as we’ve discussed you KNOW I love the Cape and am jealous of your vacation since we can’t get up there this year! Through the years we’ve stayed in Brewster (mostly), Dennis, Yarmouth, Falmouth, Chatham, and Eastham … as well as camped at Sweetwater and Nickerson. Love beaches on both sides (and the Nauset waves), walking way out at low tide, strolling around P-town … aah … take me away! 😀

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