Manic Monday – 06/30/14

Welcome to another edition of Manic Monday, where I recap the previous week, and lay out a plan for the upcoming week.

The theme of this week was pretty much “I’ve never run a big race before, so I’m not really sure how to handle this taper thing.”  Sure, this was supposed to be a light week, but other than the race, I didn’t run once.  Not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing in the grand scheme of my overall preparedness.  I also cycled 7+ miles per day, which may have tired me out.  It will be interesting to see how “pre-race week” goes for future races.

Monday (Scheduled Cross-Training Day)

I rode my bike to and from work (~7.4 miles).  I was supposed to go on a bike ride with my friend Sharon after work, but my legs were still incredibly sore from Saturday’s hike, so with very minimal arm twisting, she convinced me to go to a local pub for a beer and to split an order of chicken fingers and fries.  Not exactly great pre-race nutrition, but it was actually just what I needed.  When I got home, I massaged my quads, IT bands, and calves for a while, which definitely helped.

I got to ride in Sharon's convertible Mini :-D

I got to ride in Sharon’s convertible Mini 😀

Tuesday (Scheduled 3 mile run)

I didn’t run.  My legs were still stiff and sore from Saturday’s hike, and at that point I figured it was more important to be rested than to push it just to get in some last minute miles.  I did, however, ride my bike to and from work (~7.4 miles), and spend some time stretching, rolling, and massaging.

Wednesday (Scheduled Cross-Training Day)

Other than riding my bike to and from work (~7.4 miles), I didn’t do anything.

Photo Jun 24, 9 51 19 AM

Thursday (Scheduled 3 mile run)

I rode my bike to and from work (~7.4 miles), but didn’t run.  Ben and I went for a nice walk after dinner, which helped to loosen things up a bit.

Friday (Scheduled Rest Day)

We headed down to my parents’ house after work.  They’re in the process of moving, so they were exhausted, which was a perfect excuse to go to bed early.  I got 10 hours of sleep, and it was amazing.

Saturday (Scheduled Rest Day)

I spent most of the day in my mom’s recliner, feet up and resting my legs.  I drank a TON of water (close to 100 ounces) because the forecast for Sunday was hot and sunny.  Ben and I drove down to Brattleboro to pick up my bib and t-shirt, and I also got a preview of the course.  I had a big bowl of pasta for dinner and went to bed early.

Sunday – RACE DAY!!

You’ll have to wait for the full race recap to get the details, but suffice to say, I DID IT!  WOO!  I am now officially a half marathoner!  I will get the race recap to you as soon as possible, because I know you’re all dying to know how it went (overestimating my own importance much?).  I can’t wait to give you the full scoop!

Now that my half marathon training is over, I may back off a bit on posting here, since I probably won’t have as much to talk about–that is, until I sign up for my next race 😀  But I will for sure be here for my regular installments, Manic Monday and Friday Free-For-All.  Beyond that, who knows?

Did anyone else race this weekend?  How did it go?

20 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 06/30/14

  1. dgobs says:

    Rock on!! Congrats on officially being a half-marathoner! 😀 I’m looking forward to reading all about it 🙂

    I raced a wee little 5K the same day as your 13.1, and it was incredibly hot and sunny. It didn’t go too badly considering!

  2. kebe51 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Welcome to the club! Knew you could do it!

    And for the record, I AM dying to know how it went! Seriously, I love recaps! Especially exciting “I finished my first half marathon” ones!

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