August by the Numbers

And just like that, August is gone.  Labor Day, that unofficial end-of-summer harbinger, has passed us by, and now it’s time to look forward to crisp nights, apple cider, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, and more agreeable running temps.  Thank you, Mother Nature!

As I kiss summer goodbye, I thought it might be a good idea to check in with how the month of August went overall.  It was my first month back in the training saddle after taking a few weeks off and being in a post-race slump during July.  While I didn’t get as many miles in as I would have liked, I was pretty consistent with my workouts, so I’ll take it.

Miles Run:  38.21
Compared to 20.95 for July, this is a decent improvement.  My highest mileage month so far was June (54.70), because I was at peak half marathon training.  I’d like to settle in somewhere around 50 miles per month on average, but with my longer commute and less options for outdoor running, this may not happen.

Total Number of Runs:  10
This is actually pretty good.  Ideally, I should be running 3 times a week, which would be 12 runs a month.  Since I got 10, that means I only missed 2 scheduled runs!

Miles Walked:  17.6
Compared to 28.6 miles in June, this isn’t great.  And unfortunately, this number will most likely be going down since I’m not within walking distance of work anymore.  I may try to get some walks in with the in-laws’ dogs, but once the snow comes in, their road becomes pretty treacherous.

Miles Biked:  0
Considering I rode 62.3 miles in July, this stinks.  My bike broke, so I didn’t get any bike rides in August.  And now that we’re in Underhill, I probably won’t bother getting a new bike.  However, I plan to try to incorporate some cycling and maybe even some spin classes at my new gym, so hopefully this number will go up.

Miles on the Elliptical:  8
This number will definitely go up, since August was the first month I started making it over to the gym on a regular basis.  I plan to ellipticize at least once a week as part of my cross-training.  I just can’t do too much since it seems to make my calves SUPER tight.

I don’t typically set out monthly goals, but I’d like to try to put some structured goals in place as we head into cooler temps and shorter days.  I have a tendency to let exercise go by the wayside during the colder months.  I also think it will help to have something to work toward while I figure out the new “normal” of living with the in-laws, commuting, and lots of treadmill running.

  • Run at least 50 miles
  • Go to Body Pump at least twice
  • Go to yoga at least twice

Not too ambitious, but not too lazy.  I think I can handle it.

How many miles did you run this month? Do you set monthly goals for yourself?

11 thoughts on “August by the Numbers

  1. kebe51 says:

    You totally rocked this month! I did nothing but CrossFit and a 5 mile race. I suck!

    I think those goals are definitely doable (need to do yoga) and you will rock them too! Go you!

  2. dgobs says:

    Those numbers look pretty impressive to me! I should probably start keeping track of my monthly mileage… I’m a major slacker with that sort of thing.

    • DarlinRae says:

      I have a tiny touch of OCD, and I love spreadsheets, so it was kind of natural to track stuff. It’s nice to see trends, and improvement over time. It’s also good to know how many miles I’ve got on my shoes!

      • dgobs says:

        Knowing how many miles are on my shoes is one reason why I should really start tracking! The trends and improvements would be nice too. I’m a librarian, I should be able to organize this information easily… just have to get my lazy butt to start! 😉

  3. txa1265 says:

    I think you had a great month! You are making progress – and think about all of the other stuff going on! As I noted in my post today, just because you aren’t running/biking/whatever doesn’t mean it is a rest day! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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