September Wrap Up and October Goals

I did an August by the Numbers post where I broke down my month of training, and set out some goals for September, and now it’s time to face the music and see how I did.  Spoiler Alert:  I did not achieve any of my goals.

So, what were my goals for the month of September?

  • Run at least 50 miles (Nope–42.08)
  • Go to Body Pump at least twice (Not even once)
  • Do yoga at least twice (Not even once)

When I look back at how crazy and stressful this month was, I can’t really be upset that I didn’t make my goals.  I did the best I could, trained as much as I could, and rested my body and my brain a lot, which was just what I needed.


Miles Run:  42.08
A little bit up from August, but not where I wanted to be.  I’m a bit disappointed in myself because if I had managed to do my 9 mile run this past weekend, I definitely would have hit 50 miles for the month.  Oh well.

Total Number of Runs:  10
Exactly the same as last month.  And I say again what I said last month:  considering that I was supposed to have 12 training runs for the month, I only missed two.  That’s pretty good, percentage-wise.

Miles Walked:  ??
I have been walking places, but not using Map My Walk or anything to track them.  I sort of fell out of the habit after I stopped walking to work 😦

Miles Biked:  About 10
This is an estimate because even though I know I rode the bike twice this month, I didn’t write down my mileage the second time.  First ride of approximately the same length was 5.5 miles, so I’m making an educated guess.

Miles Ellipticized:  2.5
Not as high as last month, but I’ve found that staying on the elliptical more than 20 minutes or so causes my calves to become crazy tight and painful.


  • Run at least 55 miles
  • Go to Body Pump or do strength training at least twice
  • Do yoga at least twice, even if it’s at home

Once again, these goals are nothing super ambitious, but considering that I didn’t meet them last month, I figure it’s good to stay small for now.  I’m hoping that since this month will be the peak of my half marathon training, I will stick more closely to the plan.

How did your September go?

Do you have any specific goals for October?

Who’s training for a big fall race?

19 thoughts on “September Wrap Up and October Goals

  1. dgobs says:

    I think what you did accomplish is pretty amazing considering the stressful month and the move and everything! 42.08 miles is way more than I did, and I didn’t have as much going on as you. Virtual high five for accomplishing what you did! 🙂

    My September was nowhere near what I wanted it to be. I fell off the run club wagon and didn’t go to any of their events, and did hardly any running other than the races I took part in. Given that I’m supposed to be training for a half marathon that’s happening at the end of October, this is bad news bears. Fingers crossed both our Octobers go better than our Septembers!

  2. Amy says:

    I think you did great. I was impressed several times this month that you kept running during all the craziness you have going on. According to the numbers I did good in September, but I don’t feel like I did because this last week and a half my motivation has kind of fizzled. I really need to step it up if I have a hope of doing well in my race at the end of the month.

    • DarlinRae says:

      Hey, you’ve been doing great until this week! Maybe your body and brain just needed a little break. It’s a new month, and you’ve had some fantastic training runs, so I think you’ll be just fine 🙂

      • Amy says:

        Thanks! I’m just glad that I’m still excited about the long runs, and it’s really just my speed work I have problems getting done. Obviously, all my runs are important, but I don’t really have a time goal, so I think the longer ones are more vital. Let’s rock October!

  3. Healthy Simple Smart says:

    I am the QUEEN of setting goals and then not always quite completing them! Life happens, and I’m glad it’s not getting you down or deterring you from still striving for more! I’m sure you already know all the benefits of yoga, but to help inspire you, I will share my non-yoga-ing woes.

    During my TERRIBLE half marathon where all my muscles seemed to tense up and everything went wrong I just kept thinking “damn I wish I did more freaking yoga” Yep, I thought that for about 7 miles straight #truestory So please, learn from my mistakes and DO YOGA! I’m trying to incorporate it into my training a lot more also!

    Good luck with your goals! 🙂

  4. WalkToRio says:

    Sometimes life just gets on the way f our plans. But hey, you got out as much as you could and that’s good enough.
    I’ve been trying to include Yoga as part of my routine because I hate stretching, but I keep failing. It’s always on my to do list but rarely gets done.
    Have a nice day!

    • DarlinRae says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I agree, yoga is usually something that falls by the wayside. I try to at least stretch a little after every run, but I’m not even good about doing that as much as I should.

  5. txa1265 says:

    Great month – I continue to love reading your progress. You are not perfect – but no one is, and you are bvery honest and just do the best you can … and THAT is a sustainable way to do things.

    I had my local marathon (Wineglass) go by this weekend. I decided back in January (before the first price increase) I wasn’t running this year because it falls across my wife and older son’s birthdays … and with how nuts it has been that was absolutely the right choice. But I won’t say I didn’t miss running … especially since Sunday was absolutely perfect!

    As for October … get through the remainder of the marching band season up through (hopefully) the state championships at Syracuse at the end of the month, get older son a license and younger son his permit … crazy work schedule, older son plans early decision to NYU which is due Nov 1st … ugh!

    I did sign up for a local November 2nd half marathon, which should be fun if my schedule allows (if not, I am out $20, oh well!)

    • DarlinRae says:

      Wow, looks like you’ve got a crazy October! You must be having some interesting feelings about both sons being driving age!

      Hey, if things work out, you and I will be running half marathons on the same day! (And $20 for a half registration? Nice!)

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