Manic Monday – 10/06/14

Welcome to another edition of Manic Monday, where I recap the previous week, and lay out a plan for the upcoming week.

Monday (Attend Athleta Church Street Grand Opening Party)
You can read all about it here.  I intended to try and squeeze in some gym time afterwards, but traffic was really crappy so I just gave up and went home.

Tuesday (Scheduled Hill Repeats)
This actually went as planned.  There is a neighborhood right near my office that’s got a perfectly square block that’s flat on two sides, and an incline on two sides.  I just ran over there, ran around the block 6 times, and back to my office, for a total of 2.35 miles.

Photo Sep 30, 7 01 28 PM

Wednesday (Scheduled Cross-Training)
When I wrote my schedule out for the week, I completely forgot about our client appreciation event scheduled for this evening.  I was at our event until about 9 pm, so needless to say, I did not work out at all.

Thursday (Scheduled 5 Mile Run)
We decided to go indoor rock climbing with our friends, David and Alex.  I was happy to do some form of cross-training this week, and rock climbing is an excellent full-body workout.

Friday (Scheduled Rest Day)
I made up Thursday’s 5 mile run along the waterfront after work.  It was a gorgeous evening, and I managed negative splits the whole way!

Photo Oct 03, 7 44 01 PM

After my run, I met Ben at our friends’ house to shower, and then I watched his team play broom ball.  They lost, but it was a good game.  And then we went for a late dinner at Leunig’s Bistro, which is a very fancy schmancy restaurant.  But they have a late-night prix fixe menu that’s really good and affordable.

Saturday (Scheduled 9 Mile Run)
Yeah, that didn’t happen.  We slept in.  Made a dump run.  Did some stuff around the house.  And went to an AMAZING Oktoberfest party at one of Ben’s mom’s coworker’s house.  It’s a restored farm house with the original barn.  Can you guess where we partied?  Yeah, in the barn.  With polka music on the stereo and a keg of Trappe Brewery pilsner.  Later in the evening the instruments came out and we had a sing a long.  I was in my happy place 🙂

Photo Oct 04, 8 58 28 PM

Sunday (Scheduled Rest Day)
I finally did a long run!  Yay!  I slept in, and had coffee, grits, and toast with sunflower seed butter for breakfast.  I sort of took my time getting out the door, but eventually I did.  We currently live basically on the side of a mountain, so the entire “out” portion of my out and back run was pretty much downhill, and the “back” portion was essentially uphill.  Thankfully, I was smart and tacked on a bit extra in the middle so that I would finish my mileage before the really gigantic uphill portion, and walked the rest of the way home.  It was a perfect day to run–sunny, cool breeze, temps in the 50s.  I honestly felt like I could have run an entire half marathon that day.  After stretching, rolling, eating, and showering, I did two loads of laundry and then sat on my butt for the rest of the day.  It. was. awesome.

Photo Oct 05, 1 17 37 PM

I’m a bit sore today, so I’m planning to take a rest day to give my muscles a break.

Plan for this week:

  • Monday:  Rest/stretch/roll
  • Tuesday:  Hair cut and 40 min tempo run
  • Wednesday:  Bike and elliptical
  • Thursday:  5 miles easy
  • Friday:  Rest day (maybe go visit my folks?)
  • Saturday:  10k virtual race (Jost Oktoberfest?)
  • Sunday:  Rest/yoga/stretch/roll etc

Who ran long this weekend?  Who raced?  How did it go??

6 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 10/06/14

  1. dgobs says:

    That Oktoberfest party sounds awesome! It’s good to be in the happy place 🙂 And well done with the awesome long run! I’m with you – the weather this weekend was perfect for running and I was so giddy with the cool temps that I felt like I could run forever too (until the last mile, then I wanted to lie down in the street). Huzzah for fall! 😀

    • DarlinRae says:

      It’s sort of like field hockey, but on ice, with no skates… There’s a ball a bit bigger than a softball, and you’ve got a “broom” which is actually a stick with a triangular plastic nubbin. It’s very interesting, haha.

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