Friday Free-For-All (Twenty-Two)

Welcome to Friday Free-For-All, where I talk about anything and everything on my mind.  This is usually just a great big brain dump, so brace yourselves!

The theme of this week’s Friday-Free-For-All is “I have awesome coworkers.”  Read on to find out why.

Everyone in my office ambushed me yesterday with a wedding gift.  I got a beautiful bouquet of gerbera daisies (my favorite flower!), a card, and gift certificates to the salon where I’m getting my hair done, the salon where I’m getting my nails done, and for a massage.  I almost cried, I was so blown away by their thoughtfulness and generosity.  No matter how small your wedding is, it’s still expensive, and these gift certificates are going to take care of a large chunk of the financial burden of making me look pretty on my wedding day.

Photo Nov 13, 8 13 03 AM

One of my coworkers hand made a gorgeous necklace and earrings for me to wear on my wedding day.  She made them especially for me to match my colors, and they’re absolutely beautiful.  I’m a lucky girl.  I didn’t get any pictures because the lighting in my office sucks, but you can be sure there will be lots of pics from next weekend!

I got a Fitbit Flex!  Another coworker wasn’t using hers anymore because it wasn’t syncing well with her phone, and when I happened to mention I wanted one, she gave hers to me!  Talk about serendipity! And awesome coworkers, of course!  I’m excited to hopefully up my activity level during the day, and learn more about my sleeping habits.  Of course, my excitement is tempered a bit because of my next point:

I am an injured runner.  Somehow, I messed up my left foot.  It’s extremely frustrating, because I’m fairly certain the initial injury was not caused by running.  After the half marathon on November 2, my feet were a-okay, fine.  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, everything was hunky-dory in foot-land.  But Wednesday, I noticed it was a little painful when walking or standing.  I biked at the gym on Wednesday night, and then didn’t do anything even remotely exercise-like for the rest of the week.  Then this Monday, genius that I am, I decided that maybe running would help stretch it out.  Rookie mistake.  While running, it didn’t really hurt any more or less than it had before.  But after I finished my 2.5 miles?  I was totally lame.  It HURT to walk and I limped around the rest of the day.  Since then, walking has been no fun (hence why the Fitbit is slightly less exciting than it otherwise might be).  Thankfully, it seems to be getting better.  The pain peaked on Wednesday, and is getting progressively less.  I’m just trying to sit still as much as possible, keep it elevated when I can, and NOT RUN UNTIL IT’S BETTER.

no running

Do you have a Fitbit or other wellness tracking device?  Do you think it helps motivate you to be more active?


25 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All (Twenty-Two)

  1. SuzLyfe says:

    That is so sweet! What great coworkers! Email me about your foot–I won’t hog space here but I have an idea and think I might be able to help (suzlyfe, gmail). That cat meme is hilarity. One piece of fitbit advice–if you sync it with your bluetooth on your phone, KEEP THE BLUETOOTH OFF until you want to use it! Otherwise, kiss that batter life good bye!

  2. txa1265 says:

    Yay for awesome co-workers! Everything sounds great and I can’t wait to see the pics after the wedding (of course, getting the blog done is THE most important post-wedding thing, right?!?) 😉

    And OH NO on the foot – be careful and stay smart! I tweaked my lower back doing too much lifting when I was sick (‘couldn’t just flop on the couch, could you’ was what my wife said) and it has slowly gotten better just as my cold slowly went away.

    I have … well, ALL the fitness trackers I think 🙂 I love my Garmin VivoSmart, which also links via Bluetooth to my phone and sends notifications of texts, calls and emails. It is awesome. Also have the Runtastic Orbit, Polar Loop, Wellograph, as well as my GPS watches … it is a problem 🙂

    • DarlinRae says:

      Wow, so much data, so little time! It must be interesting to see the variances across the devices.

      I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I hope my recovery comes quickly. Ben is supposedly getting me a Garmin as a wedding gift, and I’ll be very sad if I can’t use it!

      • txa1265 says:

        Of course since I am a statistician/engineer, I am all about collecting tons of data from multiple sensors 🙂

        Cool getting the Garmin for the wedding – I’ll be glad to read about you putting it into use!

  3. dgobs says:

    Your coworkers sound awesome!! So thoughtful 🙂

    I used a fitness tracker on my phone for a while (Breeze app) and then got a Garmin that has a fitness tracker (kind of) included, but I’m terrible with them. The first day I was so good and would get up and move around when they’d beep at me, but then I started getting annoyed and ignoring them. Kind of defeats the purpose!

    Wishing you quick healing on that foot!!

  4. irishrunnerchick says:

    Your coworkers are amazing! I had gerbera’s as my wedding bouquet – they are just a happy flower in my mind. I am just recovering from a foot injury. You’re definitely doing the right thing by resting. Feet are surprisingly complicated so just make sure that you can rule out a stress fracture.

  5. kebe51 says:

    Awwwww yay for amazing coworkers! Let me know how you like your fitbit, you know, once you’re done resting BECAUSE YOU NEED TO REST! 🙂

    YAY! It’s almost the BIG DAY! 🙂

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