My Christmas Wishlist

It seems like everyone and their mother is doing a post about Christmas wishlists, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  But I’m not limiting myself to running gear, oh no!  I have an enormous list of little things I’d love to have for Christmas, so someone please direct my husband, sisters, parents, and friends to this list so I get some good loot this year!

1.  This adorable Olaf Tervis tumbler.  How perfect is this for coffee/tea/water at my desk? I would also like some of the plastic straws to go with, because I find it’s easier to hydrate when drinking through a straw.  Anyone else find that to be true?

Olaf Tumbler

2.  Fleece-lined leggings or tights, and not just for running.  I hate wearing pants (except for jeans), so I wear mostly dresses to work.  Unfortunately, my office is really cold.  Therefore, I need some warm leggings to wear with my dresses to stay nice and toasty.  Sarah at Running On Healthy clued me in to the Heattech line from Uniqlo–they come in lots of great colors and patterns and the prices are awesome!

So cute!

So cute!

3.  Warm gloves that work with my iPhone.  I have been struggling along for years with some cheapo pleather gloves from Target, but in order to use my phone, I have to take them off, which is a real drag in freezing winter temps.  I found these on Amazon and they have pretty good reviews.  I feel like I could use them for both running and normal life.


4.  Mary Poppins on DVD.  This is one of my absolute favorite Disney movies and I haven’t seen it in 15+ years.  This is sad.

Mary Poppins

5.  Good books.  I love to read, but all of our books are currently in storage.  Thankfully, my dad is also a book worm, and usually gets me one or two every Christmas.

6.  iTunes gift cards.  I almost never buy music for myself unless I have an iTunes gift card, but there are tons of albums out right now that I’ve been itching to buy (I’m looking at you, TSwift 1989).

itunes gc

7.  A Wool Buff Scarf.  These things are great for outdoor activities in the winter–skiing, running, sledding, whatever!  The wool is soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking, and you can wear it multiple ways.  Perfect for all of the cross-country skiing Ben and I have planned for this winter.


8.  Papermate Flair Pens.  I’m weirdly in love with office supplies, pens being an absolute favorite.  These felt tip pens come in lots of great colors, and the medium point is fine enough for everyday use without being so tiny as to scrape along the paper if not held at the correct angle (yes, I really am that particular).  I’m also a huge fan of color-coding (brown for work events, green for birthdays, orange for fun events, red for important appointments etc), so having a wide range of pen colors is essential.

9.  Any and every Julep nail polish.  I actually earned one of these for free using the Every Move app, and this stuff is AWESOME.  Minimal chemical crap, and thick, rich color.  Too bad they’re $14 a pop!

What’s on your wishlist this Christmas?


25 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishlist

  1. kebe51 says:

    Can you ask for 2 Olaf tumblers and then send the extra to your favorite person in Queens?!?! I am, of course, assuming that I am the only person you know in Queens.

  2. txa1265 says:

    Love that mug as well. Don’t tell Lisa but I got her Elsa and Olaf plushies for stocking stuffers (shhh!). 😉

    Wondering on the book front – do you have a Kindle or Nook? Local libraries are great for ebooks these days, and you can always get gift cards. Or are you more of a ‘paper book’ person? 😉

    We got Lisa some cuddle-duds to wear to work for the same reason as you and also some heavier tights. I have a fleece on the back of my chair because our HVAC in our corner of the facility has a control system that operates on the principle of ‘drift warmer then full blast cold, then drift warmer …’. Ugh.

    • DarlinRae says:

      Our office has zones ranging from furnace to icebox, so it can be tough to dress appropriately. These days I’m in the middle of the icebox zone, so the tights are a must.

      I do have a Kindle that I use primarily for vacations and travel, but I tend to prefer paper books. It’s just tough to pack 7 books in one’s suitcase 😉

  3. charissarunning says:

    That is a great list! I think I need to add those gloves and that scarf to my list too. I can’t stand always having to take my gloves off to use my phone!

  4. SuzLyfe says:

    ERmigerd that tumbler. That is freaking awesome. But it would be even cooler if it warmed up or something or actually gave you a warm hug, Which I guess that it does, considering that it dispenses hot beverages. I approve of this list!

  5. dgobs says:

    I’m with you on the straw thing. I find that I drink way more water if I’m drinking out of a straw than if I’m just sipping from a cup. And I’m so bad at hydrating that I need to use whatever trick I can find! 😉

    I’ve got tech-friendly warm gloves on my list, too. And a dorky reflective running vest, and running socks. Or any socks, really. Kid-version of me would be horrified at how badly I want nice socks for Christmas now that I’m a grown-up!

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