Manic Monday – 01/05/15

Photo Dec 30, 12 48 14 PM

Haha!  The triumphant return of Manic Monday!  Or, I don’t know, not so triumphant I guess, because I didn’t really do much in the way of running or training.  But I’m trying to get back on a normal blogging schedule, so here goes.

Monday 12/29/14:
I intended to do “runch,” but it was really cold and windy all week, so I chickened out.

Tuesday 12/30/14:
See above.

Wednesday 12/31/14:
I didn’t take a lunch break because I wanted to get out early.  Ben and I drove to New Jersey after I got out of work at 3:30–6 straight hours in the car.  Ouch.  I probably should have tried to squeeze in a run earlier in the week because sitting in a car that long was no fun.  Once we got to Mandy and Vinny’s, we had a pretty low-key celebration, but stayed up way too late.

Thursday 01/01/15:
I had intended to get up and do a New Year’s day run, but I drank a little too much the night before, and this ended up being a very lazy day.  I did, however, do a few squats, just so I wasn’t a total bum.

Friday 01/02/15:
We actually got our butts out of the house for a while and went on a nice walk/run in the dog park with Lily the beagle.  I climbed some trees too, and it felt great to get out and be active, even though it was very cold.  That night, we met some friends of our friends, and played Cards Against Humanity and drank sangria until 2:30 am!

Photo Jan 02, 2 48 16 PM

Saturday 01/03/15:
We slept in late late late, and I was feeling very off due to all the late nights, drinking, and junk food.  We attempted a shopping trip, but nobody was really into it, and we ended up coming home, ordering Indian takeout, and watching The Newsroom until midnight.  Such a good show!!!

Sunday 01/04/15:
We got up at 6 and were on the road by 7 to beat the holiday traffic home.  Even so, it took significantly longer than the trip down.  Ben and I took turns driving and napping, so we were able to catch up a bit on sleep.  When we got home, I did a bunch of meal prep stuff for the week, and then we went to bed early.

I am definitely feeling the effects of a few weeks of excess.  I’m exhausted and cranky, and my digestive system is all ahoo.  This week is all about getting back into a routine.  Rehearsals for Legally Blonde start tonight, so I need to be really focused about meal prep, workouts, and getting to bed on time.  Rehearsals are Monday, Wednesday, Friday nights, and Sunday afternoons.  On M-W-F, I won’t have time to go home between work and rehearsal.  From here on out, I’ll be leaving the house at 7 am on M-W-F, and sometimes not getting home until past 10 pm, so time-management and planning ahead will be key.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday:  2 easy treadmill miles, 15 min. on the recumbent bike, stretch; likely a physical warm-up at rehearsal
  • Tuesday:  Rest
  • Wednesday:  3 easy treadmill miles, leg strength, stretch; likely a physical warm-up at rehearsal
  • Thursday:  Les Mills Sh’Bam? (My friend from high school who is also in Legally Blonde is an instructor and has been pestering me to go)
  • Friday:  3 easy treadmill miles, abs, stretch; likely a physical warm-up at rehearsal
  • Saturday:  Rest
  • Sunday:  Possibly yoga before rehearsal

Are you feeling off track after the holidays too?  

How are you planning to start the year strong?

8 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 01/05/15

  1. dgobs says:

    Huzzah – Manic Mondays are back! 🙂 You were way more active this past week than I was… I’m even more off-track than usual with the combo of injury and holidays. Oof. Once I get the OK from my doctor to start running again, I’m going to try to get the new year off to a better late start with gym extravaganzas and maybe a runch every now and then. Have fun with Legally Blond!!

  2. allisonfiorini says:

    Ugh, I feel so off track from the holidays! I came down with a nasty cold and ate wayyyy too much! I’m hoping to start strong with this first full week of the new year to set the tone.

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