Tentative 2015 Race Schedule

Time for the obligatory 2015 racing schedule post.  I feel like everyone and their mother has been posting these of late, but what’s one more, right?

One of my goals this year is to run 15 races in 2015, so I feel like I need to be much more organized this year than last year, when my only big goal was to complete my first half marathon.  I live in northern Vermont, and unfortunately, there just aren’t that many races to choose from that don’t require a long drive and/or an overnight trip somewhere.  This means that I have to scour the interwebs to find races that are a) affordable, b) close by, and c) fit my training schedule/goal distances.

This schedule is incredibly tentative at the moment, mostly because I’m a commitment-phobe, but also because I’m broke, so I can’t afford to register for races and then not run them.

February 14:  Race Vermont Cupid 5k.  This sounds silly and fun–everyone gets a different colored headband depending on whether they’re single, in a relationship, or not interested, with the idea that maybe some singles can find a love match with a fellow runner.  Obviously this wouldn’t apply to me, but it’s still a fun little shtick, and this race organization doesn’t usually do swag for shorter races, so that’s a nice change.

March 21:  Race Vermont Spring Fling 10k.  This race would fulfill my goal of running an actual 10k race.

March 22:  GMAA Pump it Up 5 miler.  This would be a brand new race distance for me, and therefore an automatic PR, but I’m not sure running a 5 miler the day after a 10k race would be smart.

Early May (not yet scheduled):  Vermont Respite House Jiggety Jog 5k.  I ran this race last year, and it was hands down my favorite race experience of all time.  I raised $1000 for a very deserving charity, and plan to try to beat my amount this year.

Early May (not yet scheduled):  Vermont Corporate Cup Challenge.  I ran this race last year with a bunch of my coworkers, and as long as my company participates again, I will run the race again.  Hooray free race registration!

May 16:  Mt. Tom Run to the Pogue.  I need to pull the trigger on this one soon, because it sells out every year.  This is a scenic, 6.1 mile, semi-trail race that happens down near my parents, so I could make a nice weekend of it without spending a lot.

May 30:  Craft Brew Race.  This is one I REALLY wanted to do last year, but it was scheduled on the weekend of a friend’s wedding, so I had to pass.

June 6:  Girls on the Run 5k.  This is a race that I’d like to volunteer for, which would cross my “volunteer at a race” goal off. I may also see if I can run AND volunteer.

July 12:  Stowe 8 Miler.  This is another one I wanted to race last year, but something prevented me, I can’t remember what.  This would be a new race distance and an automatic PR.

August 1:  GMAA Women’s Round Church 10k.  This seems like a pretty no-frills race, but it would give me a chance to either a) beat my 10k time from the Spring Fling 10k, or b) complete a 10k race if the Spring Fling doesn’t work out.

September 6:  GMAA Labor Day 15k.  This would be a brand new race distance for me, and an automatic PR.

September 20:  Spartan Sprint.  Yeah, we’ve already talked about this.  AAAAAHHH!

September 26:  The Color Run 5k.  I’ve run this a few times.  A nice, easy, non-competitive 5k.

November 6:  runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  This is my big race for the year.  My first runDisney event.  My first “racecation.”  I’ll get to meet my accountabilibuddies.  And right now it’s the only half marathon on my schedule.

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot:  I’m not sure where we’ll be for Thanksgiving this year, but I’m determined to find a Turkey Trot to run after my injury-induced DNS this year.

December 7:  Ri-Ra Santa 5k.  This will be a redemption race after my DNS this year.

So that’s exactly 15 races.  Obviously, some of these may not work out due to scheduling stuff that will come up as the year goes on, so I plan to supplement with virtual races as needed.  There are a few other races I’m keeping an eye on as well, so I’m fairly confident that as long as I stay on top of things, I’ll reach my 15 races in 2015 goal.

How is your 2015 race schedule shaping up?

Do you have any new distances that you’re running?

Are you planning to repeat any races you’ve run before?

20 thoughts on “Tentative 2015 Race Schedule

  1. Rachel says:

    For me, the first half of 2015 is all about building up while staying healthy. I finish physical therapy in one week!! I ran for ten minutes yesterday with no pain! Baby steps. Maybe I’ll get to do some short races in the summer. 🙂

    Also, I think you’ll be able to handle the back-to-back 10k and 5-miler if you run one of them easy. Trying to *race* both is probably a recipe for disaster.

  2. charissarunning says:

    This is such a great fun schedule. I love that you’re adding so many different distances! I need to add a few new distances to my running repertoire also. I have yet to do a 15K.
    I’m planning on running a few repeat races this year, mostly 5k’s right near my town. But there is a half marathon that I do every year that’s a bit further from where I live. I just can’t resist it though; this year will be my third year doing it and I plan to keep going back 😀

  3. dgobs says:

    Looks like a good list! Right now I’m signed up for 2 races (after DNSing my first of the year – boo), both of which are new distances for me – 5 miles and 10 miles. I’m hoping to do either the BAA 10K or the Tufts 10K this year too.

  4. Darlene says:

    Those races look great. I’d like to run one in VT. Yes, I am doing a lot of the same races except for the halfs.

    Hope we are both injury-free.

  5. Nicole @ pink elephant on parade says:

    I hope Wine and Dine is as awesome as we made it seem. But wait, you’re running with us so it being awesome is a given.

  6. greenmountainlife says:

    This is such a fun list! I was thinking about the Cupid 5k but I wasn’t sure if it’d be weird to do it by myself! I did the spring 10K last year but I’m planning on doing it again this year (and besting my time, obviously). OH and the craft brew race, this year team “What’s in the Tuna Salad” will compete 😉

  7. Fallon @ Slacker Runner says:

    Nice schedule! I like the idea of odd race distances but we get a lot of those. Last year there was only one 15k near my area. But I will be completing my first 25k, so even if I crawl it and take 6 hours- automatic PR right?

    • DarlinRae says:

      Exactly! I’m really lucky that there are so many options around me. Thankfully I live in the most “metro” area in Vermont, so even though it’s a pretty small state, there’s more going on here than elsewhere.

  8. veryrach says:

    I love that you’re trying to do 15 races in 2015! I’m starting off with a few 5k races in Feb. & March to keep me focused! We’ll see what happens after that 🙂

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