Friday Free-For-All 02/27/15


I sold my first ever item on eBay. I think it went well. It’s always a little nerve-wracking dropping an item worth a few hundred dollars in the mail and hoping it gets there ok, and that the person on the other end isn’t going to try to take advantage of you. But what’s great is I can use the money I got to buy a fancy schmancy carry-on bag for our trip to Prague! The airline we’re using only allows 11 lbs per carry-on per person (seriously?!), and my current carry-on probably weighs at least half of that all by itself, leaving very little weight for actual clothes and stuff.

This Cake Batter Chapstick is amazeballs. ย I’m sure it’s full of all kinds of terrible-for-you chemicals, but it smells JUST LIKE CAKE BATTER. I love it. And it was only $1.


My work computer hasn’t been working properly since Tuesday. At first, I thought it had died completely. It crashed, and after a hard reset, the display didn’t come back. It turned out to be a crazy coincidence that around the time my computer crashed, the monitor cable connection became loose. So after fiddling with cables, it seemed like everything was ok. And then it crashed again. IT thought it might be a bad display driver, so I downloaded a new one. It crashed again right before the end of the day on Thursday, so now it might be a bad or overheating video card, and I’ve got my computer casing opened up on my desk to help with air flow. Oh, and both our IT guys are on vacation, so nothing will be permanently fixed until they get back. Whee!


Ben and I are house-sitting again. This time for some friends of the family. No dogs to look after, no octogenarians to cook for. Just a beautiful house to live in. With a comfy guest bed to stay in. And they’re paying us in fudge and movie tickets. Win-win-win.

Have you ever sold anything on Ebay? How’d it go?

Have you tried Cake Batter Chapstick? What did you think?

13 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All 02/27/15

  1. dgobs says:

    Ooh, cake batter chapstick sounds amazing! I’ve never had it (never seen it til this post!) but I did recently discover the pumpkin pie flavored one and I love that dearly. I’ve sold a bunch of stuff on ebay and it’s usually gone well. It is a pretty serious trust exercise, but I’ve been lucky. Amazon Marketplace and Etsy however… I’ve been screwed over there before. Not cool. Glad your ebay experience went well and that you got a sweet new bag though! Score!

    • DarlinRae says:

      The first time I tried to sell something on Ebay the winning bidder never paid. Thankfully I was waiting for payment before shipping, but it was still super frustrating. I can’t wait to do a post about my awesome new bag and packing for Prague, eeee!!

  2. veryrach says:

    I have not had that chapstick, but I have had CakeBatter Ice Cream from ColdStone and OMG it’s to die for.. so, I can only imagine it’s a lot like that… which is wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I LOVE that show that your little HelpDesk picture came from, The IT Crowd. SOO funny!! Sorry about your computer – I HATE when my computer acts up it drives me crazy! Have fun house sitting!

  3. runsaltrun says:

    I HAVE THAT CAKE BATTER! It is the best!
    I’m a pretty frequent Ebay seller. I’ve sold lots of old clothes on there (like my expensive jeans) and even running shoes. And I buy shoes on there too! It’s a great marketplace and pretty addicting once you do it a few times hehe.

    • DarlinRae says:

      I’m definitely hoping to sell a few other things (Frye boots specifically). Seems like a great way to get rid of things and still make some money. As long as it works, anyway!

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