Manic Monday – 05/11/15


Monday 05/04/15:  Rest day. I forgot my gym bag and had to miss out on Body Pump, which I was very disappointed about.

Tuesday 05/05/15:  3 mile runch. I wanted to do a sort of forced acclimatization to the warm weather before my race on Saturday. It was very warm and sunny, but I pulled off a strong average pace, so I was feeling good.

Wednesday 05/06/15:  Rest day. I missed Pilates class because we had a work team building event–we bowled and played laser tag all afternoon. Let me tell you, laser tag is great exercise! I only played one game, otherwise I would have counted it as a workout for the day.

Thursday 05/07/15:  5k run after work. Several things conspired to make a lunch time run impossible, which meant running after work and missing CXWORX was the next best option. It was REALLY hot, so I think it was good practice for the hot, humid weather scheduled for Saturday.

Friday 05/08/15:  Rest day. I wanted to rest up before the race, so I went out to dinner with my friend Emily and did some walking around downtown, shopping and catching up. Then I was home and in bed by 10.

Saturday 05/09/15:  Vermont Respite House Jiggety Jog 5k. I’ll do a full recap tomorrow, but all in all, it was a great race 🙂 Also, it was my birthday, so we had a party in the evening.

Sunday 05/10/15:  Rest day. I was in pretty rough shape after my birthday festivites. I’m usually much more careful about how much I drink, but I threw caution to the wind, and paid for it all day Sunday. In spite of feeling really rough, we drove down to visit my parents for a combined birthday/Mother’s Day celebration. It was awesome to see my family, and I got the best birthday present a runner could ever ask for–new shoes!

Photo May 10, 2 44 44 PM

They’re the same model as my current shoes, the Saucony Mirage 4, but they’re an awesome new color. I can’t wait to start breaking them in this week. My old shoes are definitely shot.

Overall this was a pretty strong week, and I’m hoping to keep the energy going. I’m trying to be more consistent with my running, so my goal is to run more, shorter distances during the week just to keep my base mileage up.

  • Monday:  Body Pump
  • Tuesday:  2 mile runch
  • Wednesday:  3 mile runch; one hour Pilates mat class
  • Thursday:  Vermont Corporate Cup Challenge 5k
  • Friday:  Rest (Traveling to NY)
  • Saturday: Rest (In NY)
  • Sunday: Rest (Traveling back from NY)

As you can see, I’m front-loading the week because I know we’ll be traveling this weekend–Ben’s cousin Lindsay is graduating from college, so we’re heading over for her party.

When is the last time you got new running shoes?

17 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 05/11/15

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    Love the new shoes.! the color is so bright and blue
    and great overall week for you.! 🙂

  2. charissarunning says:

    I love getting new shoes! Those are awesome colors 🙂 I actually just ordered a new pair of Saucony Kinvara 5’s today on Amazon…the best thing is that now that they’ve come out with a new version, the 5’s are a bit cheaper – yay!!

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