Manic Monday – 05/18/15


Monday 05/11/15:  Body Pump. I can’t lie, I almost bailed on this class. I got out of work early so Ben and I could sign our lease, and it was storming and POURING and I just wanted to go home. But I sucked it up and went, and it was a really good class, so I’m glad I did. I also did a 45 second plank first thing in the morning.

Tuesday 05/12/15:  2 mile runch; 45 second plank. It was my first run in my new shoes, and it was really humid, so I kept it short and slow.

Wednesday 05/13/15:  One hour Pilates mat class. I was hoping to runch as well, but ended up having lunch with my friend Krissy since she was in town from San Francisco for a few days. Pilates was more than enough workout anyway–my glutes and abs were on FIRE after class.

Thursday 05/14/15:  Vermont Corporate Cup Challenge 5k. In case you missed it, you can read my recap here.

Friday 05/15/15:  Rest day. After four straight days of workouts, I was ready for a break. We drove to Rhinebeck, NY after work for Ben’s cousin’s grad party.

Saturday 05/16/15:  Rest day. It was a party, so I ate and drank allthethings. Not the best plan ever, but I had a good time, and was in bed relatively early.

Sunday 05/17/15:  Rest day. We left NY around noon and got home by 5ish, so that wasn’t too bad. We relaxed most of the evening and were in bed by quarter of 10.

This week should be pretty decent. Aside from work being stressful, we don’t have too much going on. Although we are moving in two weeks… I may talk a little more about that later this week, but for now, I’m trying not to worry about it. Here’s the hopeful training schedule for this week:

  • Monday: Short runch; Body Pump
  • Tuesday: Short runch
  • Wednesday: Short runch (skipping Pilates to go out to dinner with a friend)
  • Thursday: Short runch; CXWORX
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 4 miles
  • Sunday: Rest

Did anyone else have graduation festivities this weekend?

19 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 05/18/15

  1. kebe51 says:

    OK, that’s it! No more driving to NY without driving a little further south and visiting me! Come on, what’s another 4 hours in the car? 😉

  2. dgobs says:

    I’d say that’s a solid week! *high five* No graduation festivities for me this weekend, but we’ll be having one at work in a few weeks for our awesome student worker who’s graduating *sniff*

  3. charissarunning says:

    Woohoo – great week!! Between Pilates and Body Pump and the race, those are some intense workouts 🙂
    I had graduation festivities this weekend too! My sister graduated college so my family got together for that. I was exhausted between the race and graduation stuff this weekend though and took extra rest days. I’m finally feeling normal again!

  4. piratebobcat says:

    Another good week! I’ve been to Body Pump before, but it’s been a while. The yoga studio that taught our class the other day treats it like an aerobics class – my my style, but man, what a workout!

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