Manic Monday – 06/01/15


Monday 05/25/15:  Active rest day. 

While I didn’t go to the gym or run, I didn’t sit on my butt all day either. Ben and I spent a bunch of time in the morning cleaning and packing, and then I helped him work on the truck for a while (I held a flashlight and turned pages in the manual), and then I spent a good hour or two pulling plantains in the yard with Grandpa’s Weeder. This thing is genius and I could spend hours weeding with it.


Tuesday 05/26/15:  2.3 mile runch

It was gross hot and humid, but I felt pretty good most of the run regardless.

Wednesday 05/27/15:  One hour Pilates mat class

This was the last class of my 5 class series through work, and it was TOUGH. It was just me and one other girl, so the instructor really kicked up the intensity, and it was like a semi-private lesson. She gave lots of adjustments and I walked out feeling like a noodle.

Thursday 05/28/15:  3.1 mile runch

I set out knowing that rain was a possibility, but didn’t anticipate getting caught in an absolute downpour. I was thoroughly drenched and came back to work with squelchy shoes, looking like a drowned rat. Thankfully, it was just my running apparel, and when I changed back into my work clothes I was fine.

Friday 05/29/15:  Rest day

I was happy to have a quiet lunch break, and then go home after work.

Saturday 05/30/15:  Craft Brew Race 5k

You’ll have to wait for my official recap, but for now, let’s say that while the race didn’t go the way I’d hoped, the beer fest more than made up for it!

Sunday 05/31/15:  Rest day

We spent the morning doing some packing stuff, and then I had my first Chess rehearsal, and a Paint and Sip birthday party (which was a total blast!), so I did a lot of sitting around.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get into our new apartment this weekend as we’d hoped. Ben couldn’t get the keys until yesterday afternoon, when I was already in the middle of rehearsal, so we haven’t actually moved anything in yet. I’m going to dump a carload between work and rehearsal tonight, and Ben will be dropping a truckload off after work as well, but due to the circumstances, we most likely won’t actually be living at the new place until tomorrow night at the earliest. This is obviously disappointing for many reasons (not the least of which is my crappy commute), but we’ll live.

Because of all of the moving nonsense and it being my first full week of Chess rehearsals, I’m not making a formal plan for this week. I’m just hoping to squeeze in a few runs where I can, but I also know that hauling all of our earthly belongings to our third floor walk-up apartment will be a workout in and of itself.

Have you ever done a Paint night?

13 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 06/01/15

  1. allisonfiorini says:

    I was just talking about weeding – I might need to invest in that little tool!!! I’m not sure what a paint and sip birthday party is but it sounds like a TON of fun! Great job this week!

  2. dgobs says:

    Aw boo, sorry that moving weekend didn’t go as planned! 😦 The rest of the week sounds good though. I’ve never done a paint night, but I’ve heard they’re fun!

  3. txa1265 says:

    Loved the Instagram pic of your ‘soaker’ run … it happens to me, but no one else ever sees me but my family 🙂

    And you’re right – with everything else happening it is definitely a good idea not to over-stress and over-schedule yourself!

  4. charissarunning says:

    Sounds like a great week! I love Paint night classes! There’s a place near me that I went to once and I’m hoping to go again soon and drag some of my girls there with me. I was so amazed at the end result because the paintings actually turn out really good 🙂

  5. Fallon @ Slacker Runner says:

    Paint nights sound fun but I can barely do a straight line without alcohol. Who knows what it would look like with wine added? Ha! Sorry you weren’t able to move in this weekend, good luck over the next couple of days!

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