Friday Free-For-All – 06/05/15

FFFA (1)

I can’t believe I’m racing again this weekend! This will be four 5k races in four weeks! Yes, I know this is somewhat of a surprise, considering I didn’t write a goals post like I usually do. This race is purely for fundraising purposes; I’m exhausted from moving and running so many races lately, so I’m just looking to finish. The event is to support a fundraising effort for one of my sister’s students. It will be on the same(ish) course that I ran for the Color Run last year, and there will be some free food and ice cream, so I’m down.

I get to hang out with my friend Megan tonight. Megan played Paulette in the production of Legally Blonde I did in April. We’re basically the same personΒ and I love her and miss her. We haven’t hung out in weeks! We’re meeting at Drink, a nice-ish cocktail bar downtown, and we’re inviting as many of our Legally Blonde friends as want to show up. It should be a great time πŸ˜€

Moving is coming along slowly. I’d say we’re close to halfway there. Most of the things we’ve brought into the apartment are unpacked and put away, but we still have a lot to do. I’m hoping to get some things squared away this weekend, which will lead to things feeling much more finished. But we sort of have our living room put together, and our bedroom is livable, so I’m happy.

I may have secured a bike! I got a free Schwinn mountain(?) bike from my friend Kyla. The previous tenants at her new apartment left it behind. I don’t know much about bikes, but I think the bones are good. I just need to take it to a shop to see how much it will cost to get it road worthy/if it will be worth paying to make road worthy. I REALLY want to get an estimate this weekend, because I’m desperate to have a bike for getting around town instead of driving.

Do you have a bike? What kind?

Who else is racing this weekend?

22 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All – 06/05/15

  1. SuzLyfe says:

    Lucky dog with the bike! I hope it works out for you. Have fun this weekend with the race and with your friend!! And keep on picking away at the moving.
    Have a fantastical weekend, my dear Rae!

  2. dgobs says:

    Good luck and have fun with your race! I’ve got 2 coming up this month – next weekend and the weekend after – but who knows if I’ll be able to do them. Fingers crossed!

  3. runsaltrun says:

    A BIKE! Congrats!! I know how much you had been wanting one and that sounds like the perfect opportunity! Good luck in your race this weekend! πŸ˜€

  4. allisonfiorini says:

    Good luck on your 5K! I hope you get a bike…love biking! I have a road bike. The brand is called Specialized, and I love it soooo much!! No racing for me, last long run before Grandma’s Marathon!

  5. Anna @ Piper's Run says:

    I have a terrible bike, can’t even remember the name of it. I think I want a new bike this summer as we are getting our girls into biking now. It would be awesome to go for a bike ride as a family !
    Good luck on the unpacking AND at your 5k πŸ™‚

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