Manic Monday – 07/13/15

Manic Before beginning, I’d like to thank Anna of Piper’s Run for allowing me to copy her awesome training recap format. Now, I’ll be able to show more clearly What Was Planned vs. What Happened.

Monday 07/06/15:  Rest Day Rest Day

Since I did my “long run” on Sunday, I took the day off and got caught up on laundry and Netflix.

Tuesday 07/07/15:  3 Miles Easy 2.3 Miles Run/Walk Intervals with Emily 

I’m “coaching” my friend Emily right now, because she really wants to run the Color Run 5k in September. She’s never been a runner, and I’m so excited to share this with her. Her goal is to be able to run the entire distance, and I know that she’ll be able to do it 😀

Wednesday 07/08/15:  3 Miles Easy Rest Day 

It was pouring rain when I woke up, and I just wasn’t feeling it. I had rehearsal in the evening, as well as my adoption appointment with our new kitty (!!!), so a makeup run later in the day just wasn’t in the cards.

Thursday 07/09/15:  3 Miles Easy 2.8 Miles Easy

It’s a miracle this run happened at all. My friend Megan came over for drinks and nachos, and afterwards I just felt like I needed to run. Despite the beer sloshing around in my stomach, and despite the asshat who felt it necessary to call out “Nice boobies, ma’am. Jussayin,” as I ran by, it was a good run. It was slow and easy and I felt good the whole time.

Friday 07/10/15:  Rest Day Rest Day

I went to Fish and Chip night at South End Kitchen with my friend Emily and then spent the evening hanging at home with the kitties and some beer.

Saturday 07/11/15:  Run Club 5k + At Least 2 Miles to Make 5 Total Run Club 5k + 3 Trail Miles

This was one of those magical days where running felt glorious and easy. I took the Run Club 5k a bit slower than my usual short run pace, and got to chat with some really awesome ladies. Then on the way home, I stopped at the Ti-Haul trail to do at least 2 more miles on my own. It was beautiful and I felt great, so I ended up doing 3 more miles. If I’d had more to eat and more water, I think I could have gone a lot longer 😀

Sunday 07/12/15:  Rest Day 3 Easy Miles

I was still feeling the awesome running vibes from Saturday, so I decided to ride them out, and went for a nice, easy 3 miler on the bike path. I ended up negative splitting the run, which made me feel awesome. Then I had rehearsal for a few hours, and when Ben came home (yaaaay!), we went out to dinner and called it an early night.

The plan for this week is just to keep doing more of the same. Lots of running, and cross-training when I can. Things are starting to pick up with rehearsals, and summer activities with friends are coming up a lot more, so I may need to back off a bit, but for now I’m just trying to keep up with training as much as possible.

  • Monday: Rest Day
  • Tuesday: 3 Easy
  • Wednesday: 3 Easy
  • Thursday: Track workout with LCRC (finally!)
  • Friday: Rest Day
  • Saturday: LCRC 5k plus at least 2 solo miles; hiking Mt. Mansfield with Ben
  • Sunday: Rest Day

How was your week in training?

4 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 07/13/15

  1. dgobs says:

    I love those rare, magical days when running feels easy and awesome! But I don’t love asshats who feel the need to comment/yell out things. What the hell? Other than that, it sounds like it was a great week! I’m looking forward to starting training (gently) again ASAP!

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