Thinking Out Loud – Chasing My Passions


Linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons again this Thursday, to continue my series of non-running related posts.

Last Thursday, I wrote a lot about stuff not at all related to running. My post was all about singing, and staying vocally healthy. As I teased last week, the careful consideration that I have been bringing to my theater activities has got some wheels turning about chasing my passions.

I gave up the dream of performing for a living a long time ago; I’m not courageous enough to deal with the constant rejection, and I like having a steady paycheck. But performing is still something I’m incredibly passionate about, and would like to do more of, on a more professional scale. Newsflash: I don’t get paid for any of the shows I do right now (although I have been in the past); they’ve all been purely volunteer-based, which is great, but I think I’m capable of more. Just like with running, I’d like to push myself outside my comfort zone and see where it gets me. I want to dedicate more of my time and money to things like voice lessons, dance lessons, and acting classes.

Vermont may be small, but there are some great professional theater companies that I’ve always wanted to work with, but have been too chicken to try. Even though I’ve been doing this since I was 9 years old, I’m straight up terrified of auditioning. I get nervous and stressed out and I’m an emotional wreck. I’m scared of failing, so I won’t try. And that’s crap. I’m tired of not doing what I want to do because fear of failure is holding me back.

I think if Chess goes well, it’s going to give a lot of local theater people a chance to see me in a new way. I’ve never had a leading role in a show in this area, and I’m hopeful that this increased exposure will lead to more connections and opportunities.

A lot of these feelings about pushing beyond my comfort zone and chasing my passion can also be applied to my running/fitness and long-term career goals, but that’s a post for next Thursday šŸ˜‰

Are you chasing a passion that’s not related to running?

24 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Chasing My Passions

  1. prairieprincessrunners says:

    I think it is sorta learning to cook and becoming a better baker. I also want to add photography in there too, despite the fact that I only know how to use a few settings on my DSLR. I just find that there isn’t enough time to do the things I want to do…and learn to do them well.

  2. My For Real Life says:

    I share a lot of the same nerves, which is why I stopped chasing the passion. I always wanted to be an actress or singer, I freeze though when it comes to performing. Now I just have bad associations with it šŸ™‚ oh well! Besides running, I’ve been feeling really passionate about yoga lately.

      • My For Real Life says:

        YES, but I’ve slightly just given up on the whole acting thing. I would love to be a yoga instructor, though… hmm… maybe that is the passion I should start chasing.

  3. txa1265 says:

    I think that is an awesome plan … and the perfect time to pursue it!

    Personal story – in my junior and early senior year of high school I was being pushed by teachers in a variety of areas.
    – I’d just won ‘outstanding rhythm player’ at a school music competition in Toronto that comprised the eastern half of the US and Canada … pretty major kudos, and my music director contacted Berklee and had them contacting me.
    – My AP English teacher had been encouraging my writing and worked with me to submit something to the Atlantic that got published. Another cool thing and he was sure I’d go into writing.
    – BUT … I LOVED math and science more than anything else, and when I got to go into the semiconductor research lab at RPI, I got chills.

    It was then – my senior year of high school – that I realized that while I loved music and writing, math and science were my *passions*. And now almost 32 years since my senior year in high school – THAT is what I am still doing. I have left a lot of promotions and money on the table (which sounds silly considering how much Corning pays engineers) to stick with my passion … but no regrets. I still write stuff, and music will ALWAYS be a go-to passion for me.

    SO … my long-winded way of saying … if you can make it work … make it work now!

    • DarlinRae says:

      Exactly! Even if it only ever remains a hobby, performing is part of who I am and makes me feel amazing, so I want it to always be something I do, and do well.

  4. Brittany says:

    It’s awesome that you’re so dedicated to sticking with something that brings you joy! I feel like, often times, people find their money job and lose touch with the “fun” work in life- you’ll go far this way!
    My non-running passion is writing. And just like with running, my current novel-writing pace is slow and steady… but I’ll get there someday :0)

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