Friday Free-For-All – 10/09/15

FFFA (1)

We’re visiting my parents this weekend. I honestly can’t remember the last time Ben and I went to see my folks. We see his parents much more often because they live so much closer, and I always feel badly that we don’t see my parents as much. We’re headed down tonight after Ben’s broomball game, and we’ll be there all weekend. I can’t wait to just relax and spend some time with my family!

Work is continuing to kick my butt. This week wasn’t quite as bad as last week, but it was still quite busy. This is very unusual for me. While it’s great that the days go by so much faster, I wish all of this stuff could be a bit more spread out, rather than being crammed into a two week period every three months. And unfortunately, things will continue to be busy, because I’ve got another big event happening in a few weeks. Oy!

I’m getting back into knitting. I always put aside my knitting needles in the summertime, because sweaty hands make knitting very unpleasant. This is the time of year when I love to start new projects, or pick up ones left unfinished at the end of last winter. I’ve already started a baby blanket (for who, I don’t know, but I’m sure by the time it’s done someone I know will be expecting!) and a new scarf. I’m not good, and I’m not fast, but it’s a great thing to keep my hands and mind busy while I binge-watch Netflix during the cold, dark winter months.

Do you like to knit or crochet? What are you working on right now?

9 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All – 10/09/15

  1. allisonfiorini says:

    I knit a lot!!! I’ve been doing it since I’m 8 years old. I make these ornaments as gifts every single year – I really need to get started. The first year or two, I had patterns but then I started writing them myself because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I have to start up again soon because I need to make some baby blankets, too. I love knitting blankets!! Ahhh I love knitting. It’s something I always look forward to in the cold weather months! I will start posting pictures soon since ’tis the season!!

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