Quick Post-Disney Check In

Hi friends! I’m back from Disney World and slowly readjusting to normal life. I’m exhausted, but I had an awesome time. Stay tuned for a race recap! Of course, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Wine and Dine Half Marathon turned into the Whine and Dine Quarter Marathon. Even though it wasn’t what we were all hoping for, it was still so much fun, and now I just have to go back to run the full course next year. #redemptionrace

This week may be a bit of a wash on the blog front. I kind of forgot that I’m on the makeup crew for Lyric Theatre’s White Christmas, so I have to be at the theatre every night this week from about 5-10 (or later), after working all day. I’ll try to get my race recap to you as soon as possible, as well as maybe a trip recap, but we’ll see. It all depends on how much sleep I get and how much free time I’ve got. I’m also way behind on reading and commenting on all of your blogs, but I’ll try to get caught up soon!

Happy Tuesday!

15 thoughts on “Quick Post-Disney Check In

  1. kristenk says:

    I can’t wait to read your race recap! It sounded like one crazy race, but your pictures from the weekend looked like you had fun anyways.

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