Friday Free-For-All – 11/13/15

FFFA (1)

I’m behind on blogging. Quel surpris, non? I owe you a race recap, and probably a quick trip recap as well, but this week is eating me alive. I’ll get back on track soon.

I finally got a new phone! My old phone was in dire need of replacement. The silent button was broken. The headphone jack was broken. It liked to freeze and shut down whenever it felt like it. The battery life was atrocious. So I got a new iPhone 6s in rose gold and I’m in looooove!

This was a good news week. I found out that I get to remain a Nuunbassador and a BibRave Pro through 2016. Woohoo! These are two organizations that I truly love representing, and I’m so glad to be welcomed back into the fold for another year.

I’m really enjoying being backstage for a show for once. Working on the makeup crew for White Christmas has been AWESOME so far. The time commitment is really minimal compared to what it would be if I were in the cast, but I still get to be a part of the show (not to mention the parties!) and see all of my friends. Of course, on stage is where I always want to be, but it’s nice to do something different for a change, and still be involved with a show that I wasn’t able to audition for.

White Christmas

They got my names mixed up, but whatevs…

Did you get any good or exciting news this week?

When is the last time you got a new phone?

22 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All – 11/13/15

  1. allisonfiorini says:

    Excited you got a new phone – that’s the best! I got one in June. The iPhone 6. Wanted to wait for the S, but I cracked my screen on my old one and had to suck it up. I actually just applied to be a Nuun Ambassador. Not sure if I have a shot but I thought, why not! So cool you got asked to do it again!!

  2. txa1265 says:

    I … um … very often have a new phone … or tablet … or laptop. Or GPS watch … or musical device … yeah, it is a problem 🙂 I love my iPhone 6s. Just perfect size for me (the 6 Plus was too big), and great capabilities.

    Cool on getting backstage for this show – love the pics you’ve shared!

    As for good news, we were at Syracuse college tour this week, last one, and it is cool seeing my younger son ‘find his tribe’, and he is down to three schools he loves.

  3. kristenk says:

    Soooo guess what? I just found out I’m a BibRave Pro too! I’m so incredibly excited! Also, I’m ready to upgrade my phone and I’m hoping to get the iPhone 6s in rose gold too! Alaska is sold out right now but I’m hoping for a restock for the holidays!

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