Dealing with Disappointment

As I shared on Monday, I unfortunately did not get the title role in Mary Poppins. I gave it my best shot, but the role went to my friend Liz, who is very sweet, talented, and deserving.

Auditioning for this role has been my focus for months now, and not getting it has definitely been disappointing. I gave myself the day on Saturday to have a little pity party and feel all the feelings that come along with disappointment. I shed a few tears, ate lots of ice cream, and watched a lot of Christmas movies.

Now, though, I’m doing my best to put my ego back where it belongs and focus on the positive.

  1. First things first, THE PRESSURE IS OFF, BABY! I’ve been fretting over this audition for months, and now it’s over and I can just let it go.
  2. Being Mary Poppins AND training for my first marathon at the same time probably would have been a little bit insane. As it is, it’s still going to be insane because I will be rehearsing at the same time as training, but at least my responsibilities as an ensemble member will be way smaller and less stressful than if I were the title role.
  3. Over 100 people who auditioned for this show didn’t get in, but I did. There was a time not so long ago when just getting into a Lyric show was a really exciting thing for me, and there are lots of women who would be happy to take my place as ensemble member number 20. Being upset over not getting a lead role is silly and selfish.
  4. This show is going to be MAGICAL. Lots of my dear friends are involved, the cast is enormously talented, and people are gonna be flying through the air! Broken tables will be magically fixed! Toys come to life! Things may not have gone the way I wanted them to, but this show is still going to be a wonderful experience.

When is the last time you were really disappointed by something? How did you get over it?

11 thoughts on “Dealing with Disappointment

  1. SuzLyfe says:

    I think you also must remember that you made it to the final round, biatch. DUST THAT SHOULDER OFF. And now we get to have even more fun 😀
    Right now, I am contending with the disappointment of thinking that I was doing better, but then this week, I’ve regressed a bit. I get an inch, but I need to keep seeing those inches as what they are–inches, not miles.
    Right now, I’m dealing with my disappointment by focusing on my athletes!

  2. kristenk says:

    Awww I’m sorry 😦 I used to be in a few competitive choirs when I was in high school and I used to hate not getting solos so I know how you feel. But as you said there’s a silver lining: less stress and more energy for marathon training! And who knows, maybe your lead role is coming up later this year 🙂

  3. Carly Ristuccia says:

    Hey girl! I for sure know what its like dealing with disappoint especially in the musical theater industry …just remember there is a role out there that is made just for you it might not be Mary Poppins but it is out there so don’t give up!

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