Manic Monday – 02/01/16


Vermont City Marathon Training Week 3: What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday 01/25/16: 30 Min Run Easy32 Min Run Easy
I just wanted to get this run over and done with, so I headed out right after work. Running outside while recovering from a cold was a mistake, though. I was fine during the run, but afterward, my cough was a lot worse for the rest of the night.

Tuesday 01/26/16: 45 Min Run Easy45 Min Run Easy
After having my lungs protest on Monday, I took this run to the treadmill. I started out at an 11:30ish minute per mile pace and finished around 10 minutes per mile, and felt strong the whole run.

Wednesday 01/27/16: Spin ClassSpin Class
My regular instructor was out of town, so I got to take a class with my friend Sarah, who is also the owner of the studio. We met during Legally Blonde last year. She is fit and fabulous, a super badass, and just being around her makes me feel like I want to work harder. I was totally beat after this class.

Thursday 01/28/16: Hill Repeats 4 x 400 Hill Repeats
I did a one mile easy warm up and then went to town. Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while know that I love me some hill repeats. And I’m going to need them for this course:


Friday 01/29/16: Active RestActive Rest
I did a few strength exercises, but otherwise I was SO HAPPY it was a rest day. My legs were beat, and I was feeling tired.

Saturday 01/30/16: 8 Miles Easy + Strides8.25 Miles @ 10:57 + Strides
It took me almost 4 miles to really warm up and feel ok about this run. Once I got there, it was fine. I did some strides the last mile or so, which was a nice way to distract myself at the end of a less-than-stellar run.

Sunday 01/31/16: YogaDance and Stretching at Rehearsal
Ben and I were out way too late on Saturday night, so I slept in and did some errands before a dance rehearsal.

This was a good week. I did all of my runs and workouts except for yoga, which seems to be a recurring theme. I’m often so tired by the time I get to Sunday that I’d rather sleep in than drag myself to class. The focus for this week is to really try to get enough sleep/rest, so that I can get to yoga. I know I need the deep stretching and strengthening of a good yoga class, so I’m gonna try really hard to get there.

Do you incorporate yoga into your cross-training?

27 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 02/01/16

  1. dgobs says:

    I’ve been wanting to incorporate yoga into my cross-training, but haven’t quite gotten around to it. I was tempted to do the Nuun-sponsored yoga challenge that’s happening next week, but that might be too many challenges at once for me to handle 😉 Nice week! Way to conquer those hills!

  2. Darlene says:

    I got into the VCM relay!!! So I may see you since I’m going to be running the 2nd half of the marathon this time.

    GL with your training. You’re off to a good start.

    • DarlinRae says:

      I’ve thought about it, but my schedule is nearly full as it is. I may try to hit a yoga class on Wednesday this week, which is the day I do spin in the morning. We’ll see!

  3. Kimberley@Black Dog Runs Disney says:

    Holy crap woman! You are in total badass mode! Just make sure to listen to your body and if it’s really telling you to rest, then do it! Now that #brokeknee is finally starting to calm down and I can maybe kneel again. back to bendy-bend I will go. Nothing like a nice down dog to put things right again. Especially when a certain Wonder Mutt finds it necessary to show me how I’m doing it wrong, lol!

    • DarlinRae says:

      I feel like a beast right now, it’s pretty awesome. And don’t worry, I will definitely be aware of when rest is necessary. I am inherently very lazy, after all.

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