Manic Monday – 03/21/16

Photo Mar 21, 8 26 32 AM

Vermont City Marathon Training Week 10
What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday 03/14/16: 40 Min. Easy Run15 Min. Elliptical + 15 Min. Bike + 30 Min. @ 11:32 (2.6 miles)
This trip to the gym was an exercise in frustration. Long story short, I was just trying to wait it out until there was an available treadmill. I was at the small, awkward gym location, it was annoying, but I just tried to go with the flow and stay busy.

Tuesday 03/15/16: 4 x 800Rest/Taco Tuesday Girls’ Night
I met up with my friends Sharon and Betty Jean for Taco Tuesday at the local cider place. I had one hard cider, and one AMAZEBALLS taco: maple glazed pulled pork with pineapple salsa and strawberry sour cream. Holy heck it was good. And totally worth a missed run 😉

Wednesday 03/16/16: Spin Class or RestSpin Class
For the first time in possibly, I don’t know, EVER, I actually slept through the night until my alarm went off for spin. Usually on mornings when I have an early wake up call, I wake up extra early for no reason at all and lie there wishing I were asleep until it’s time to get up, because I’m a special sort of anxious and weird. A full night of sleep made getting up for class a lot easier and more pleasant than usual.

Thursday 03/17/16: 4 Mile Tempo4 Mile Tempo w/ Warm Up and Cool Down
This run felt surprisingly great. I headed out after work, and finished six miles total with an average pace of 10:17, which is quite a bit faster than I’ve been running lately. My warm up and cool down were around 11:30 per mile, and then my “tempo” run ended up being a bit of a progression run–my final mile was 9:29! After a shower, I met some friends at Vermont Comedy Club for an improv show, which was so fun.

Friday 03/18/16: Rest/StrengthRest/Dancing at Rehearsal
Rehearsal nights are never true rest nights. I did some light dancing and stretching, and we had a cast and crew pizza party after rehearsal. I was a good girl and only had one beer and one slice of pizza before heading to bed because I had a long run the next morning.

Saturday 03/19/16: 14 Miles Easy14 Miles @ 10:47 Average Pace
This still seems like a really daunting distance despite having done it once already, but having done it, I had the confidence to know I could do it, so I had very little anxiety heading into this run, and I actually finished it about 20 seconds per mile faster than my first 14 miler, so I’m calling that a giant win. We headed out to Underhill for some target shooting with friends, and then a little shindig with my in-laws and some of their crew.

Sunday 03/20/16: Yoga/StrengthDancing at Rehearsal
Another yoga-less Sunday. We stayed overnight in Underhill and made it back just in time for me to get to rehearsal.

Weekly Mileage: 22.6
Total 2016 Mileage: 202.6

So at this point, I’m about halfway through marathon training. That seems crazy to me. Totally nuts. This is also the point where shit is about to get really crazy at work (quarterly reporting) and with Mary Poppins (tech/hell week). I sent my rehearsal schedule to Coach Suz so that we can hopefully find some balance. Next week is particularly scary because I have rehearsal Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then the show opens on Friday. AAAHHH!

How do you squeeze in runs when life gets busy?

23 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 03/21/16

  1. Anna @ Piper's Run says:

    Woah, what a week! I try to fit it in where I can: lunch, after work, after our girls go to bed or sometimes during the day – walking work meetings, taking a break at my desk to do squats, lunges or push ups etc. It might not be the full workout you wanted but it’s something.

    • DarlinRae says:

      If lunch weren’t my only down time during the day, I’d try to squeeze it in then. I’ll have to see how I feel next week; it might end up be a pretty light running week!

  2. txa1265 says:

    Another awesome week! It can all get stressful, so you do what you can.

    And THAT is the thing – how do you think I established my early morning runs 27 years ago? I’d had a paper route starting at 11 years old, so doing the early morning thing made sense to me … so that is where it worked for me. My point – you do what you can, and what works for YOU. You’ve got The Suz in your corner … so it is all chill. 🙂

    And a friend of ours posted a picture from the local burrito bar that opened in downtown Corning last year, they had a taco Tuesday last week and I was bummed out we had too much stuff happening and couldn’t go … 😦

    • DarlinRae says:

      It’s always a bummer to miss out on tacos. Regarding early morning running, I’m hoping to get back to that once the sun starts rising a bit earlier. I can do it if I have to, but having the sun up at the same time as me helps a lot with making it less yucky.

  3. hellyontherun says:

    You nailed that 14 miler, woohooo!!! It’s so tough to mix in running with life. I find that I just make it happen; I don’t give myself the option to NOT do it. Good luck this week!

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