The Shoe Saga Continues

To recap: I went to Fleet Feet for some new shoes, and after running 30-some miles in them, I decided they weren’t working for me. I went to exchange them and didn’t get a lot of help. Eventually, they told me they had ordered the newer model of the shoe I had been wearing, but I didn’t have any choice color, and that they’d call me when they came in. A week went by, and I didn’t hear anything. Two weeks went by and I started to get impatient, but because I was so busy with Mary Poppins rehearsals and shows, I didn’t have a chance to call them until my lunch break yesterday.

Associate: Thanks for calling Fleet Feet Essex Junction, how can I help you?

Me: Hi, my name is Rachel Drew. I was waiting for a pair of shoes to come in, but it’s been a couple of weeks and I haven’t heard anything, so I thought I should check in with you.

Associate: Oh, that’s strange, let me take a look… *typing noises* Huh, I see that you came in in February and got some shoes… is that what you’re waiting for?

Me: No, I got the Saucony Guides in February, but they weren’t working for me, so two weeks ago I came in to do an exchange. We weren’t able to find something in store that worked for me, so the associate said he’d order the Saucony Mirage 5s for me.

Associate: Yeah, I don’t see that at all. Hmm. Oh! I see what happened, the Mirage 5s have been discontinued, so we couldn’t order them. I’m sorry no one called you.

Me: ……… Huh. Ok then. That’s weird, cause I’m looking at the Saucony website right now and I see that they’re available in my size.

Associate: Oh, ok, let me check on that. Oh yeah, my supplier does have them. 

Me: Do they have size 9.5?

Associate: Oh, hahaha, yeah, I should probably check. Ok, yes they do. There’s only one color available, it’s gray and coral, is that ok?

Me: Yes, that’s fine.

Associate: Ok, so those will be here by Thursday. Sorry about that!

Needless to say, I’m angry. Firstly, of course, I’m still angry with the original scenario of how I ended up in this situation. I should have just ordered new shoes online because I know the Mirages work for me, and back in February, 4s were still available online in my size. I’m angry that Fleet Feet seems to let their personal bias regarding extra cushion shoes affect their customers negatively. I’m angry that the associate I worked with two weeks ago TOLD me that he had ordered the shoes when he obviously didn’t, and completely failed to record my visit and order in the system. He straight up lied to me and then completely dropped the ball.

Secondly, I’m angry with myself for waiting so long to call them. I had a feeling after the first week that something was wrong, and if I had just called right away, I’d have new shoes by now. I’m also angry with myself because I didn’t really stand up for myself at all during the phone call yesterday. I get it, sometimes things happen, but I’ve been waiting for these shoes for two freaking weeks, and now that the shock has passed, I feel like the least they could have done was to offer me a discount, because it’s their fault I’ve been without good shoes for two weeks.

I’ll tell you one thing: if those shoes don’t arrive by the weekend, I’m going to throw a hissy-fit. And I can guarantee that I will absolutely never buy shoes from my local Fleet Feet again.

I’m having a frustrating day, so tell me something good that has happened to you this week!


15 thoughts on “The Shoe Saga Continues

  1. txa1265 says:

    Your action is contained in your post – when you go to pick up your shoes, make sure the store manager is going to be there, and ask that person:
    – Why shouldn’t I buy my shoes online, given:
    > I know the Mirages worked for me
    > Your employee actively sold me away from those onto something else
    > When that didn’t work there was resistance to helping me
    > Finally they relented and told me they were ordering the shoes
    > Two weeks later *I* had to call to discover your employee hadn’t placed the order.
    > Please tell me WHY I should buy from you and WHY I should support your business?

    Also, just checking shoekicker I saw them on Amazon for $68.99 (+$9.99 shipping) ( … how does that compare to the price through Fleet Feet? You should ask them to match, especially given the hassles.

      • txa1265 says:

        Yeah, I doubt I would just go in and confront so directly, but I would definitely talk to them. I would tend to say “I am frustrated and unhappy, I love supporting local businesses but I just wanted to get a pair of shoes I knew would work for me, and here I am two months later feeling like I should have just gone online and bought them.” Or something, just express through disappointment rather than confrontation …

        … of course, there are times when I have done that and gotten snotty responses and THEN I go all Suz-mode on them 🙂

  2. SuzLyfe (@suzlyfe) says:

    Go into the store and just start pelting them with all the shoes they have. I would totally go to Shoekicker. You might get them faster. I was talking to my fellow Team Challenge coach about what you could switch to, but I’m hoping the Mirages will come in and get it done.

  3. charissarunning says:

    I’m so sorry for the awful experience you’ve had with your FF store. I cannot believe that person didn’t actually order your shoes – that’s so frustrating! I completely understand your situation though bc I’m non-confrontational too and tend to give in too easily. But I think you’ve got some pretty great advice from others on how you could approach it (I def don’t have better to offer!) Good luck!! I hope you get your shoes soon and it all works out! I’m a fan of supporting local business too but I do it by buying different things like all my fueling needs/socks/reflective gear, etc. I go through shoes so fast (and still like an old model) so I just keep going online for that.

    • DarlinRae says:

      I think going forward that’s what I will do too. They have a great selection of fuels, apparel and gear, so I can shop local without the frustration!

  4. Fallon @ Slacker Runner says:

    That sucks!! I don’t like confrontation but can get cranky when I need to. I wish I was closer, I would holler at them for you, I once got 4 new tires for the price of 2 due to the same type of situation. I really hope the new shoes arrive on Thursday and that they work out for you!

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