Friday Free-For-All 04/08/16

FFFA (1)

I’m heading into the home stretch for Mary Poppins. We have a show tonight, two shows tomorrow, and a matinee on Sunday. Then, we have to tear down the very extensive set, which will likely take all day and night on Sunday. And then I’m FREEEEEEEE!


I took Monday off, and I can’t decide if I’m going to just lounge around all day or try to be productive and do all the shit I’ve been neglecting these last few weeks… Probably a little bit of both. And it will be glorious.

I’m a little bit nervous about jumping back into “real” marathon training. These last few weeks, I’ve been so busy with the show that I haven’t really been keeping up with training the way I should. I’m about to head into my peak weeks, and I’m also going to be on vacation during that time, so I’m not sure how all this is going to work out. I’m trying to stay calm and remind myself that with Coach Suz, I can handle anything. But it’s still a little nerve-wracking.

Still. No. Shoes. If you’ve been keeping up with the shoe saga (read about it here and here), I was told by the associate I spoke to on the phone on Monday that the shoes should be in by Thursday. Well, here we are on Friday, and so far, nada. I’m trying to be patient because he didn’t actually guarantee that the shoes would be in by Thursday, but still. If the shoes aren’t in by Sunday, I’m just going to return the Guides for store credit and go buy my shoes elsewhere. This whole thing has been a huge headache and I just want it to be over.

Who’s got fun plans this weekend? What are you up to?

18 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All 04/08/16

  1. allisonfiorini says:

    Good luck with the rest of your shows! How exciting!! I hope your shoe saga resolves itself SOON!!! This weekend, I am pacing a half marathon in Lancaster, PA – Amish Country! I’m excited!

  2. txa1265 says:

    So thrilled for your successful Mary Poppins run! Wish we were closer as I would love to go – we love going to theater, and there is just not enough locally! As for Monday – I agree, just go with the flow and remember you took the day OFF, so no worries!

    Don’t stress on the marathon training return, I know you’ve got this! You have done really well and kept things going while the rest of life was happening. Just continue to do what you can!

    Arrgh! The Shoes! I would call THEM today (or wait until Sunday for them to call you) … and if at that point they aren’t in, just go there and don’t accept store credit … get a refund. 🙂

    As for us – it is ‘accepted student day’ at Ithaca College this weekend, so that is where we’ll be all day tomorrow (in sub-freezing snowy weather!), and who knows about Sunday .. maybe relax? (not likely!)

      • txa1265 says:

        Fortunately Ithaca is only a 45 minute drive for us :). I am very happy for him because the school is such a good fit – just like my older son loves scampering around Manhattan in the non-campus of NYU, Chris loves the small art-school feel and tight campus and liberal town of Ithaca. And it is just far enough away that he knows we’ll never just stop by 🙂

  3. charissarunning says:

    Good luck with the rest of your shows!! And enjoy your Monday 🙂 That was a brilliant idea to take off of work! I think that break day will make it easier to get back to marathon training afterwards again.

    I’ve got some busy weekend plans too – running, brunch, book shopping, taxes (finally!), and a 10k race with everyone local. Should be a fun time 🙂

    • DarlinRae says:

      They FINALLY came in on Saturday. I haven’t had a chance to run in them yet, but I put them on this weekend. They’re definitely different than the Mirage 4s. I hope they work out!

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