Manic Monday – 04/18/16

Vermont City Marathon Training Week 13
What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Because I’m sort of easing back into training this week, Coach Suz gave me “homework” instead of an official schedule. She gave me an idea of the workouts I should do, but let me decide when to do them, which I SO appreciate during this weird readjustment period. Also, I finished this post on my phone and I know it’s a bit funky, so bear with me.

Monday 04/11/16: RestActive Rest
After an incredibly long weekend of shows and strike, the cast and crew went out for a few good-bye drinks, so I wasn’t home and in bed until almost 1 am. I slept until 11, put away my show stuff, went for a long walk, took a bath, and was in bed by 9:30.

Tuesday 04/12/16: 45 Minute Easy Run | 4 Miles @ 10:42 Pace
We seem to have finally turned the corner into spring, so this was a lovely day for a run.

Wednesday 04/13/16: 4 x 800 | 4 x 800 With W/U and C/D
I seriously love intervals so much. It was a gorgeous day, and I just wanted to run fast. I did a one mile warm up, and a half mile cool down, so total mileage 4.5 miles @ 9:57 pace.

Thursday 04/14/16: Rest | Rest
I was glad to have a rest day after a hard run, and spent the evening packing and cleaning before our trip. 

Friday 04/15/16: 45 Minute Easy Run | Rest
I intended to run during lunch, but I had a million things at work to finish up before leaving, so I ended up working through my lunch and finished everything JUST before walking out the door at the end of the day.

Saturday 04/16/16: Rest | Rest
We woke up at my parents’ house and enjoyed a nice brunch and hung out in the sunshine for a few hours before taking off to New Jersey.

Sunday 04/17/16: 16 Miles | 16 Miles @ 10:43
I’m really impressed with myself for getting this run done after eating and drinking a bit more than I should have on Saturday night. I did 3 mile loops around my friends’ neighborhood.

Weekly Mileage: 24.5
Total 2016 Mileage: 266.4

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