Manic Monday – 05/09/16

Vermont City Marathon Training Week 16
What Was Planned vs. What Happened

Monday 05/02/16: Rest/RecoveryRest/Recovery
I walked to work in the morning, which I think helped to loosen things up a bit. I also found that wearing shoes of any kind made my foot feel better, so I made a point of wearing shoes all day. I rolled my feet a bit with a golf ball and did some gentle rolling with my Addaday stick, but mostly just kept my feet up as much as possible.

Tuesday 05/03/16: 40 Minute Easy Run5k @ 11:04 Pace
I had dinner plans after work, so I snuck out for an easy 5k at lunch to test out my old Mirage 4s, and see how everything was feeling. I felt tired, but no pain, which was great!

Wednesday 05/04/16: Spin or Strength60 Minutes Hot Yoga
Holy crap, guys. This was my first hot yoga class in almost 3 years, and it was DELIGHTFUL. Honestly. From the moment I walked into the studio, I felt calmer and happier. It was a super gentle class focused on lower back and legs, and we did such delicious stretches… I walked out feeling like a new woman. I plan to just suck it up and start buying 10-class passes, because the value is good, and I NEED hot yoga in my life.

Thursday 05/05/16: 50 Minute Caterpillar Run4 Miles @ 10:53 Pace
After the 20-miler, Coach Suz and I adjusted this week’s plan to be a little more gentle so that I could fully recover. Instead of doing a hard workout, I just went out to get some miles at lunch. I’m glad the weather is starting to improve, because I suck at getting up early, and running at lunch leaves my evenings free. I did lots of foam rolling in the evening too.

Friday 05/06/16: Active RestActive Rest
I did some hip and ankle strengthening exercises, plus some planks and arm stuff. I think a huge missing component of this training cycle, and possible reason I hurt myself, is lack of strength training. I’m hopeful that a few simple additions will help me make it through the marathon intact.

Saturday 05/07/16: Jiggety Jog 5kJiggety Jog 5k
I’ll do a race recap for tomorrow, but if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I got a sweet birthday weekend PR 😀

Photo May 07, 10 40 49 AM

Post-race with Sharon Keegan, Administrator for VT Respite House

Sunday 05/08/16: 10 Miles EasyRest
We partied hearty on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday, and then drove down to visit my mommy for Mother’s Day, so I pushed off my long run until Monday (today).

Weekly Mileage: 10.1
Total 2016 Mileage: 323.4

I’m a little tired today from all of the weekend’s festivities, but I’m definitely feeling ready to lock down these last few weeks of training and get this marathon DONE. My old shoes are feeling good, I haven’t had any quad or foot pain since I switched, and after my PR this weekend, I’m feeling some of the running joy again, which is really nice. BRING IT, WEEK 17!!

18 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 05/09/16

  1. txa1265 says:

    Congrats on the PR (I missed a lot on IG this weekend I think 🙂 ) and happy birthday again! And agree with you on your breakfast … we just call it ‘pastry’ 🙂

    Excited for your last few training weeks (I’m sure you’re excited to have them *done* at this point!) … hopefully everything goes smoothly for you! (fingers crossed!)

  2. charissarunning says:

    Awesome awesome week Rae!! I totally missed your post on IG but just went to check it out – congrats on the PR! I’m so glad the old shoes are feeling good for you – good choice in going back to them. And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad you had a fun time celebrating 🙂

  3. Darlene says:

    Birthday and PR – two of my favorite things. Happy birthday to my birthday twin. Hope to see you at VCM.

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