Friday Free-For-All – 08/05/16

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

I spent all day yesterday on a pontoon boat with my family. All my dad wanted for Father’s Day was to spend a whole day together as a family while my sister Haley is home from Michigan this week, and yesterday was the only day we could get a rental. I took a random Thursday off of work to drive down, and it was great. The weather was perfect, and we just swam and floated and ate and drank all day. It made coming into work today VERY hard, but thankfully, it’s Friday, and tomorrow is the weekend.

I get to go to a toddler birthday party tomorrow. My friends Aimee and Andrew’s son Axel is turning 2, so they’re having a low-key party tomorrow morning. I’m sure this is going to throw my baby-crazy into overdrive. I’m VERY excited to play with some cute kids and see my friends. Aimee is pregnant with kiddo number 2, and I haven’t seen her in a while, so it will be nice to catch up.

Frittatas are my new breakfast jam. My best friend’s mom made one for breakfast while we were down for 4th of July, and I have been obsessed ever since. They’re so damn easy, tasty, and HEALTHY! I just make a big one in a 13 x 9 pan on Sundays, and eat it for breakfast all week. Lots of protein and veggies. Mmmmmmm.

I have officially signed up for a dance class this fall. It’s called Jazz Fusion, and it’s an hour and a half long class each Tuesday. It will combine elements of Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, and Modern dance, so it’s pretty much perfect for my needs. I’m excited because this will be the first time since high school I’ve taken a dance class at an actual dance studio, so I’m hoping I’ll learn a lot. I’m extra excited because I’ve convinced a few of my theatre friends to do it with me, so I won’t feel awkward. I’m also planning to sign up for the next level of Tap with my friend Emily, so I’ll be taking two dance classes a week, which means my cross-training is pretty much taken care of!

Have you ever gone out on a pontoon boat? What did you think?


6 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All – 08/05/16

  1. SuzLyfe says:

    I was on a pontoon boat that almost sank, once. No lie, the bow went under water as they were braking coming into our dock. Water up to your knees. It was creepy and weird.

  2. txa1265 says:

    Love all the updates – the pictures from the boat were really cool. I’ve never been on one – loads of other types but not a pontoon boat – sounded like you guys had loads of fun.

    Also so glad you signed up for a dance class #DoTheWork 🙂 Totally unrelated but Lisa and I took some ballroom dancing classes a couple of years ago – we are such bad dancers but had SO much fun !

    Way too many years since the last toddler party we’ve been to … 😦

    • Rae says:

      Ben and I have taken a couple of ballroom dance classes–some friends of ours were way into it for a while. So much fun, but unfortunately VERY expensive!
      I highly recommend pontoon boats as recreational vehicles–very easy to fit lots of people and gear, easy to jump off of/climb back into for swimming, and a sun canopy for shade.

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