Friday Free-For-All – 01/13/17

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We went out to a fancy dinner on Tuesday night. My father in law wanted to take the whole family out for dinner before Emily heads back to Prague. The thing is, this fancy shmancy restaurant has two locations. I assumed it was the one in Stowe, VT because that’s the original location. It didn’t even occur to me until I arrived at the restaurant that our reservation just might be at the other location. Which is in Burlington. Which is where I work. A quick text to Ben confirmed that I was indeed in the wrong place, meaning I ended up driving about 50 miles and an hour out of my way before finally ending up in the right place. Ugh. In spite of that, though, the food was excellent and I had a great night.

I had my one-on-one CrossFit “Elements” class last night. Coach Dave continues to be awesome, and I met a couple of members, which was also nice. It’s hard to tell at this point whether or not I really like CF because I’m still learning and I haven’t been to a regular class yet, but I’m continuing to try keep an open mind, have fun, and learn a lot. I’ll be attending my first actual class tonight, so hopefully that will help me get a better handle on things.

Emily went back to Prague last night. She was home for just about a month, and it was so much fun having her around. I’m going to miss her! I not-so-secretly want her to move home so we can hang out all the time, but she really likes it there, and just got a great job working admissions at a university, so I don’t think she’s moving back any time soon. Ben will be going to Prague to visit her this summer, but I just don’t have enough time off from work to make it happen, and I’m super bummed.

ringI bought a silicone “wedding ring” for CrossFit. CF involves a lot of work with bars, so I knew that wearing my wedding band and engagement ring would be a bad idea, both for the health of my fingers, and the health of the rings themselves. It feels weird not to wear anything, so I wanted to get a placeholder that I could safely wear while lifting. My friends Aimee and Andrew swear by their Qalo brand rings, but I couldn’t justify spending $20-25 on something I was just going to wear to class. I did a little snooping on Amazon and found a similar product for a whopping $8 with Prime shipping. So far, so good.

Married folks, do you ever go sans rings?


9 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All – 01/13/17

  1. txa1265 says:

    Funny story on the restaurant mix-up! Fortunately it all worked out well and gives you all something to laugh about – although I am sure there was plenty of stress at the time!

    I have heard folks who love the Qalo rings as well .. personally I haven’t taken my wedding ring off for any longer than to clean it, which is really only about once a year … and it STILL feels weird taking it off for that long! I wear exactly two pieces of jewelry – wedding band and claddagh ring that Lisa gave after we were done having kids.

    Glad you have given CrossFit a chance and are having fun … that is half the thing, just trying the new experience!

    • Rae says:

      I haven’t even been married that long but not having a ring there feels weird. I’ve even got a little indentation and tan line! I’ve paid for the rest of the month of January (8 classes), so by then I should have a good idea of whether or not it’s going to work for me. Wish me luck!

  2. Anna Evans says:

    I ALWAYS take my rings off to exercise. It doesn’t bother me not wearing them. I can’t sleep in them either. It’s just a comfort thing. I think it bothers my husband a bit but not me. Now I feel like a bad wife lol! I’ve looked into the silicone rings but have purchased anything yet. Thanks for the cross fit updates! I’d love to try it but it’s just so dang expensive!!

    • Rae says:

      It sure is stupid expensive, but I got a bonus this year that I earmarked for “finding a fitness thing I like other than running,” so I have a bit of a slush fund to help with that.

  3. Susie Lemmer says:

    One time Alex when to the wrong airport to pick me up. He went to Richmond, when I was flying in to Charlottesville! And then I left my bag in the cab… It was a great night.

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