My First Actual, Legit CrossFit Workouts

In case you haven’t been following along for the last couple of weeks, I’m in the process of giving CrossFit the ole college try. You can read about my intro class here, and my one-on-one foundations class here.

Friday night I had my first actual, full-length CF class with other members of the box. I can’t lie, going in I was feeling INCREDIBLY nervous. Will the other people be nice? Will I hurt myself? Will I look like a spaz? Will I be able to keep up? Why in god’s name did I sign up for this? My stomach was in knots, and I arrived as close to the 5pm start as possible so I wouldn’t have to stand around feeling awkward and nervous.

When I got inside, I basically just walked up to the first group of women I saw and said “Hi, I’m Rachel, and I’m new,” like a total dork. But it worked. Everyone was super nice, particularly a woman named Laura, who was at the box when I was there for my intro class, and she remembered me.

Right at 5pm, the owner, Beau, got us started with warm-ups, but not before introducing me to the class and letting them know it was my first workout, which I thought was a really nice touch. After warm-ups, we went over the day’s workout, which pretty much went over my head, and I won’t get into too much detail here. Before getting started, Beau made sure that I knew what I should be doing, and gave me appropriately scaled weights and/or modifications to make sure I wouldn’t hurt myself.

Both Beau and Laura kept an eye on me throughout the workout, offering encouragement and helpful tips for my form. By the end I was definitely feeling it, but I wasn’t completely shredded. I felt like I had accomplished a lot, and felt like I really got the help I needed to be safe. I was also absolutely brimming with energy. I felt incredible. I bounced my way through a three hour dance rehearsal right after class because I just felt so good.

Monday’s class allowed me even more individual attention and coaching because both Dave and Beau were watching my form, giving me modifications, and checking in frequently to see how I was doing. The people at the box are super friendly and so encouraging. There was a girl who had been working really hard to get muscle-ups (click here if you don’t know what that means), and everyone was right there, offering tips, encouragement, cheering, and then right before the next class started, she got it, and everyone was so pumped for her. It made me feel really good.

So yeah. I like CrossFit. An awful lot. I never thought I’d be typing those words, but here I am. I’m paid up through the month of January, and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep going through February too. If nothing else, it’s something new and exciting. But I feel like it could be more than that for me. We’ll see. 🙂

Have you ever tried something you were skeptical of, only to find you really liked it?




9 thoughts on “My First Actual, Legit CrossFit Workouts

  1. hellyontherun says:

    That’s pretty awesome, Rae!!! I’m curious but not sure I’d ever go through with it and here you are, being a badass trying new things!

    I was hesitant about hot yoga because while I like all things hot and I like yoga, I couldn’t picture myself enjoying being around extremely sweaty people. But I actually really liked it! I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

    • Rae says:

      It seems like EVERYTHING is really expensive these days. I just decided to pony up and give it a try , and I’m glad I did. Not sure how long I’ll be able to justify the cost, but for now, I’m making it work!

  2. Ray Yanek says:

    I’ve been doing Crossfit for almost nine months now and I too, love it. Glad you do as well. My favorite thing? The community. Those examples you mentioned (and 1000’s more) happen on a daily basis. Keep it up!

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