January Wrap-Up

How is it February already? I feel like Christmas was just last weekend! I’m here today with a little post on how January went for me, both in fitness and in life, because it was a pretty full month.

9 to 5 Rehearsals Started
So far, rehearsals have been great. The cast is lots of fun, and our time is respected and well-managed. I’m currently in rehearsal pretty much every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night from 6:45-10 and Sunday afternoons from 12:45-5pm, which is kind of a lot. It’s also tough because I get out of work at 4:30, meaning I have to fill 2+ hours before weekday rehearsals. I leave the house at 7 am and don’t get home until almost 11 pm, which can make eating well and getting enough sleep difficult, but I’m managing for now.

Started CrossFit
I’m currently going to CF every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 5-6pm. I chose the 12 classes per month option, so that fits nicely, and it also helps fill the time between work and rehearsal on weeknights. I’m still loving it. I’m finally getting to the point where I feel like I know what I’m doing, and I can already feel and see that I’m getting stronger, which is very exciting. I can’t wait to see where another month of this takes me!

Another Month Off of Running
I haven’t run since November 15, and I’m 100% OK with it. Winter in Vermont is cold, dark, and unpredictable. Plus, with rehearsals and CrossFit three times a week, I’m getting plenty of exercise AND I’m very busy. I will need to get back on the proverbial horse fairly soon because I have some races coming up in May, but for now, I’m enjoying the hell out of my running break.

Striking a Good Balance Between Socialization and Relaxation
While I am undoubtedly a “theatre person,” I don’t necessarily fit the stereotype of “crazy extrovert” theatre person. I do a great job faking it, but I am truly an introvert. Dedicating so much time to things like CrossFit and rehearsals where I’m surrounded by people and having to interact appropriately for hours on end, I quickly reach a saturation point and need quiet alone time to recharge. While working on shows, I often greedily horde my precious time off and earmark it exclusively for hibernating at home in my PJs and playing video games or reading. This time around, though, I am pushing myself a bit to do actual fun social things like birthday parties and cookie baking extravaganzas as well. As long as I do a good job rotating busy weekends like this past one with quiet weekends like this upcoming one, I get the best of both worlds and seem less like a miserable hermit.

The highlight of this month was definitely this past weekend’s cookie baking extravaganza. It was wonderful to revive a tradition that had fallen off the radar for a few years. Also, the friends I spent the day with are some of my oldest and dearest, people who understand my introvert tendencies and are always ready to have “introvert fun” like sitting in a room together knitting quietly.

Sunday two weeks ago. You already know the story, but between Ben hitting his hand with an axe and us going to the emergency room and my mom’s anxiety attack and the subsequent family fallout, it was a rough day.

Looking ahead to February, I have a couple of mini goals I’d like to achieve. Like last year, I didn’t set any overarching goals or resolutions for 2017, but I definitely have things I want or need to accomplish this month.

  • Go to CrossFit 12 times. I paid for 12 classes, so I need to use them. No excuses.
  • Go to yoga at least once. I still have 6 classes on the 10 class pass I bought last spring and I could definitely use some stretching to balance all the strength work in CF.
  • Make an eye doctor appointment. It’s been 3 years since my last exam, and I can tell my glasses aren’t doing what they should anymore. I have vision insurance, so this shouldn’t be a huge financial burden.

That’s it–three things. Seems fairly doable. I have an enormous list of “adulting” that needs to get done this year, so I’m trying to chip away at it bit by bit. I’m hoping that getting the eye exam done will build some momentum to get the other stuff done as well.

What was the highlight of your January?

3 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up

  1. SuzLyfe says:

    I still can’t believe the axe thing. Obviously, I’m very concerned for your mommy, but the axe thing…
    Also, one of my clients is a sound engineer. Oh, sir, do I understand your schedule 😀

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