Weekend Update – Much-Needed Rest

Happy Monday, all! Well, not really. I mean, who’s ever happy it’s Monday? Certainly not me. I definitely hit the snooze button a few times this morning. I’ve been trying not to hit snooze lately because supposedly it’s not very good for you, but I simply couldn’t help it this morning. So, what did this weekend look like?

Immediately after work, I hit up my usual 5-6pm CrossFit class. My coworker Kelsey recently started going to my box, so it’s been fun to get to know her a bit better. As usual, I was full of energy and feeling good post-class.

I grabbed a quick dinner at Panera, and then headed off to a shorter-than-usual Friday night rehearsal for 9 to 5. We’re working on one of the fantasy scenes, which is HILARIOUS and lots of fun. I get to be a demented bunny rabbit. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know what I mean.

After rehearsal, I headed home. Ben had to skip broom ball because his axe wound is still healing, so we had a couple of beers and hung out with his parents until we were too tired to stay up any longer.

We slept in until about 9 and loafed around for a while sipping coffee and eating fried potatoes and eggs for breakfast. I got some laundry going, and then did a bunch of cleaning, bullet journaling, and generally getting caught up on life stuff that always falls by the wayside during the week.

Originally, we were supposed to go to a big, annual bonfire that some family friends throw, but right about the time we were supposed to leave, Ben turned to me and said, “I don’t really feel like going,” and I said, “Yay, me neither!” Instead, we took turns playing video games, drank some beer, and were in bed by midnight. It’s been a while since both Ben and I got to just stay home and enjoy each other’s company on a Saturday night. A quiet night in together was just what we needed.

I ended up waking up right around 8, which is pretty early for me on a weekend. My father in law made blueberry pancakes and ham for breakfast, and then I got right into making my mondo batch of beans and rice for meal prep. I was done in pretty short order, and was able to relax and paint my nails before rehearsal.


Rehearsal was lots of fun–more work on the silly fantasy scenes, AND they let me go almost an hour early, which was great. I grabbed some snacks and headed over to my friends Aimee and Andrew’s house for Super Bowl viewing. I ate my body weight in French Onion dip, snuggled a cute baby, thoroughly enjoyed the half time show, and then left around 9 because I had to drive back to Underhill and the Pats were sucking hardcore.


Shortly after I left, it seems the Pats pulled out a miraculous turnaround for the win, which basically says to me I shouldn’t watch important sporting events if I want my team to win. When I got home, I packed my gym bag and rehearsal stuff for today, and turned in shortly thereafter.

Who were you rooting for in last night’s game?

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