Manic Monday – 05/01/17

Manic Monday

Training For: VT Corporate Cup Challenge 5k (May 11) and VT Respite House Jiggety Jog 5k (May 13)

Monday 04/24/17: 3 Mile Walk + CrossFit
I’m trying really hard to distance myself from screens more often, so rather than watching Netflix on my lunch break, I went for a walk. CrossFit strength WOD was Thrusters and Fronts Squats (I PR’d in both!), and then a 15 minute AMRAP with muscle ball squats, pushups, lat pulldowns, and a 140 meter muscle ball sprint.

Tuesday 04/25/17: Rest
I had intended to run during my break, but a) it was rainy and cold, and b) my coworker offered to take me out to lunch. Running after work was also not an option because I had dinner plans with my friend Stacy.

Wednesday 04/26/17: 3 Mile Walk + CrossFit
Another delightful lunch time walk, and CF after work. We did push presses, and then a killer Tabata workout that made me want to die in the best way possible. And after that, I went to a dinner party and ate my face off.

Thursday 04/27/17: 5k Run
First run in the Altras! Also, hottest day of the year so far. I’m not ready to make any judgments yet, but I remain optimistic. I had hoped to hit up yoga after work, but instead we met up with some of Ben’s coworkers for drinks and charcuterie by the waterfront. Yum!

Photo Apr 27, 7 47 59 PM

Friday 04/28/17: CrossFit
It was a GORGEOUS day, and I almost bailed on CF to go for a run instead, but I’m really trying to make sure I get in as many classes as possible. I pay in advance for 12 classes per month, and get charged for 12 classes regardless of how many I actually attend (or don’t). Some deadlifts and a combo of Diane and Elizabeth later, I was ready for “Fundue” at Pete and Jen’s.

Photo Apr 28, 7 19 23 PM

Saturday 04/29/17: Rest
After breakfast we went over to Ben’s folks’ place to help out with a few chores and to change the oil in the Honda, then came back and walked Annie before family dinner. Ben’s aunt Karen, uncle Stan, and cousin Sara with her husband George and 2 year old son William, plus Grammy, all came over for BBQ chicken dinner.

Photo Apr 29, 5 24 08 PM

Sunday 04/30/17: 4 Mile Run
It was a cold, damp morning, spitting rain and even some hail, but Ben and I both got out there and got 4 miles done at our respective paces (he’s quite a bit faster than me, the bastard!). The rest of the day was spent relaxing and getting ready for the work week ahead.

We’ve got another couple of days of house sitting, and then I am DETERMINED to get back on the meal planning/prep bandwagon. I’m spending way too much money and eating way too much junk. I want to get back into the swing of things before Dogfight rehearsals start, so that I can keep it up once things get busy again.

Do you ever do your own car maintenance? We’re really lucky that Ben’s dad has a lift in the shop, which makes this kind of thing a lot easier.

2 thoughts on “Manic Monday – 05/01/17

    • Rae says:

      Hey, that’s better than some people! I’m just lucky that my father in law has all the stuff, so doing it ourselves is a lot easier/cheaper than taking it to the shop.

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