Tardy Tuesday – 05/30/17

Whoops–the holiday weekend got away from me and I forgot to post for Manic Monday. Here’s Tardy Tuesday instead!

Training For: Nothing?

Monday 05/22/17: Rest
I had hoped to run today, but between rain on my lunch break and rehearsal at 6, it just didn’t happen 😦

Tuesday 05/23/17: Walk at Lunch + CrossFit
It was a gorgeous day so I walked for almost an hour at lunch. The CF workout made me SO HAPPY. And so tired. Three rounds of running, rowing, double-unders and farmer’s carry, with decreasing distance/reps and a 30 minute cap. I finished in 30:16 and didn’t puke, so I call that a win!

Wednesday 05/24/17: Walk at Lunch + CrossFit
Another beautiful day for a lunchtime walk. I didn’t have rehearsal tonight, so I hit up my regular 5 pm CF class. This was the first time I’ve done CF two days in a row, and man did I feel it! We worked on cleans and shoulder to overhead movements, then did a 9 minute AMRAP of  5 x clean + shoulder to overhead, 5 x burpee bar jump-overs, and 100 meter medicine ball sprint. Oof.

Thursday 05/25/17: Rest
It should have been a run day, but between lunch time plans and a rainy evening, I didn’t get around to it.

Friday 05/26/17: CrossFit
First time hitting up three classes in one week in a while! We did chest presses and lots of snatch variations. Then we hit up Burger Barn and had a few drinks with friends to cap off the night

Saturday 05/27/17: Rest
We had a pre-wedding breakfast with a bunch of the wedding party, then I ran some errands before our friend Abdo came over to visit. I probably could have found some time to run, I just didn’t make it a priority.

Sunday 05/28/17: Rest
I was on the go from 6:30 am until 10 pm helping with wedding stuff, then enjoying the actual wedding and ceremony. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and wonderful wedding.


No running this week, which isn’t great, but since I’m not actually training for anything, doesn’t really matter that much. I’m definitely proud that I made it to my three scheduled CF classes, and hope I can keep that up.

Did the holiday weekend throw you off? It still feels like Monday to me…

6 thoughts on “Tardy Tuesday – 05/30/17

  1. txa1265 says:

    First – I misread your ’30 minute cap’ on Tuesday as a ’30 minute Nap’ … 🙂

    The long weekend definitely threw me off – Lisa had to work full days Sat & Sun and half-day yesterday, but I managed to get some stuff done, ran every morning, did some work – and loads of time spoiling the kittens we’re fostering. Also got stuff organized and we spent a couple of hours beginning to detail our 25th anniversary vacation trip 🙂

    Today feels like Tues-Monday – hard getting back to things, but it is like everything that generally happens on both Monday and Tuesday is all crammed into a single day!

    • Rae says:

      Tuesday-Monday is a real phenomenon. I hardly know whether I’m coming or going today! I’ve so been loving the pictures of your foster kittens. Do you think you might end up “foster failing” one or more? 😉

      • txa1265 says:

        My general thought is ‘no’ … but there is one (we call him Franklin) who has health issues associated with being born without a tail that might result in him being unadoptable … something tells me that after having him for 4-5 weeks we won’t watch him get put to sleep …

    • Rae says:

      Lol! 3 CF a week is ambitious, and I rarely do it, but I’m trying. That’s what I pay for, so I should do it more often 😉

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