Six Month CrossFit-iversary

Today marks six months since my very first CrossFit class. I thought now would be a good time to check in with how I’m feeling and how it’s going.

As I have said many times already, CrossFit is great for me. I’m feeling a lot stronger and more comfortable in my own body than I have in a while, which is a pretty nice feeling. And I’ve had some notable gains since I first started, including:

  • I can do two or three “real” push ups (from my toes)
  • I used to not be able to do overhead squats even with just a PVC pipe, but now I can do an entire workout with a 15# bar plus a bit of weight
  • I used to be told every class that I wasn’t squatting low enough, and now I’m actually being told that I’m squattingΒ too low
  • My shoulders look beastly, in the best possible way–my traps are POPPIN’!

I’m also really starting to feel like I’m part of the CrossFit Burlington community, which is wonderful. The people at my box are just so cool, fun, encouraging, and inspiring. Honestly, if it weren’t for the people, I don’t know that I would have stuck with it this far. The recent pig roast sort of solidified that feeling. I was nervous about it and planning to only stay for an hour or two, but ended up staying until midnight, just talking and laughing.

Additionally, my mental toughness quotient has gone way, way up. It no longer crosses my mind during a workout to say “I can’t” or “I give up.” I can slow down, or catch my breath, but stopping just isn’t an option. Even if it’s something I KNOW I can’t do, like scaling a wall during obstacle course training, I TRY. I’ve got bruises all over my arms from trying over and over again to pull myself over that wall. I’m proud of those bruises, because they represent a huge change in me. Before CrossFit, I rarely pushed myself outside my comfort zone. Now, pretty much every class has me way outside my little box, and I freaking LOVE it. CrossFit makes me feel like a total badass, like nothing else in my life, including running, has.

Unfortunately, there are some things that I haven’t yet achieved, mostly through my own shortcomings. I haven’t been super consistent with going to class since April, which makes it hard to have consistent improvement. I have a few long-term fitness/CrossFit goals that I know I will never reach if I don’t make going to class a priority, and get there more than once a week.

I also haven’t really lost any weight, which has been disappointing. I expected the fat to just melt away due to all of the lifting and gaining muscle mass. I realize this was a very unrealistic expectation, mostly due to a) not going to class consistently, as I’ve already stated, and b) nutrition, which is a constant struggle for me, as those who have been reading this blog for a while know.

The good news is, I’ve been doing really well with my “no booze during the work week” rule, and have also been doing “no sugary treats during the work week.” I said no to brownies, yesterday, people! There’s been a box of pastries on the kitchen counter since Grammy’s birthday on Sunday and I HAVEN’T TOUCHED IT. I’ve also eaten salad for lunch three times this week, and I’m drinking upwards of 90 oz of water a day for the show, so I’m currently on an upswing in the nutrition department.

Things are going to be crazy for the next month due to Dogfight rehearsals and shows, but once the show is over, I am going to fully commit to going to class three times per week, no excuses. I’m hopeful that bringing some consistency to my training and cleaning up my diet will help to encourage the improvements I’ve been missing.

Regardless of my own shortcomings, I’m SO GLAD I started going to CrossFit, and hope to continue going as long as my body and my budget allow it.

16 thoughts on “Six Month CrossFit-iversary

  1. txa1265 says:

    I am excited with how well this has gone – after the issues with running and shoes and everything else, this is just fantastic.

    Same for the work on limiting alcohol and sweets. We have actually been doing quite well with alcohol since you posted last week. Sweets? Not even a goal πŸ™‚ haha!

  2. wellfeducated says:

    Don’t be discouraged by the number on the scale. I have been doing Crossfit for 3 1/2 years and I am 5-7 lbs less but my clothes smaller. That number is misleading! I recommend measuring yourself or doing a body fat test! I have found those methods to be helpful πŸ™‚

    • Rae says:

      I know that for sure, but clothes are fitting the same, maybe even a bit tighter, so it’s still discouraging. Body fat test would be helpful, just not sure where to get a reliable measurement.

  3. halfarsedrunner says:

    As per the comments above, it may be that you have not lost weight but changed your body composition for the better (less fat, more muscle). Also, it may still be taking effect. Some people exercise for months and months with seemingly no results, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, the weight starts to drop away, in part because of all those months of training!

  4. amandadev4 says:

    I tried my very first crossfit class yesterday, and man am I sore! I was skeptical at first but I loved every minute of it. One of my friends convinced me to give it a try, and now I am so excited to post about this month-long challenge!

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