Manic Monday – 07/31/17

Manic Monday

Training For: Covered Bridges Half

What Was Planned vs What Happened

Monday 07/24/17: Rest | Rest
Oh, how I rested. I actually got to go home after work, have supper at home, and hang out with Ben. Crazypants!

Tuesday 07/25/17: CrossFit | CrossFit
First class back in almost two weeks, yay! We did some rowing intervals, then open workout 14.3, which was lots of box jumps and deadlifts. My legs were SO TIRED.

Wednesday 07/26/17: 5k Run | 20 Min. Walk
We’re doing a wellness “bingo” challenge at work, and one of the squares is “take a 10 minute walk with a coworker.” A bunch of us decided since the weather was gorgeous, this was a perfect day to check it off.

Thursday 07/27/17: CrossFit | Rest
I suppose I could have squeezed in a run, but I ran some errands instead. I needed more dry shampoo and tattoo cover up for the show.

Friday 07/28/17: 4 Mile Run | Rest
I was tired, so I didn’t run. Meh.

Saturday 07/29/17: Rest | Rest
Nailed it, haha! I slept in, spent a few hours running errands, and then just relaxed before show number 8 for Dogfight.

Sunday 07/30/17: 7 Mile Run | 7 Mile Run
I took it to the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail for the first time ever, and MAN am I sad I only just now found it. It’s about a 15 minute drive from my in-laws’ house, mostly flat, partly shaded, and generally a nice break from road running. Woot!

Not too bad a week considering that I’m starting to feel a little ragged from burning the candle at both ends. This week is the final week for Dogfight, and while it will be sad to let go of the show, I will be very grateful to get back to regular CrossFit and running.

When is the last time you explored a new running route?

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