Friday Free-For-All – 08/11/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

BEN IS HOME! FOR GOOD! And we couldn’t be happier about it. He arrived home midday yesterday and I can’t freaking wait to spend some time together.

Getting to go straight home after work (or CrossFit) is AMAZING. I was thinking through things a few days ago, and realized that for the last TWO YEARS, I haven’t really taken a break. I went from Legally Blonde straight into Chess, straight into training for Wine and Dine, straight into marathon training WHILE doing Mary Poppins, got a part time job at Athleta, straight into 9 to 5, and then almost immediately into Dogfight. I know that in like two weeks I’ll get the itch again (glutton for punishment much?), but right now, it is so nice to have some down time. I get to actually eat an evening meal while sitting at an actual table. And go to bed at a reasonable hour. And put my laundry away and snuggle my cats and watch Netflix. Please remind me of this if I say I want to audition for a fall show…

This will be the first week in I don’t know how long that I went to three CF classes. If I go to class tonight. Which I totally will. I am SO HAPPY to be getting back to regular classes. I’m pretty committed to going M-W-F no excuses now that the show is over and I don’t have any upcoming demands on my time. I can’t wait to see what going to class regularly, combined with my newfound will power against drinking and eating sweets, will do for me 🙂

Busy weekend ahead. We have a wedding tomorrow and a BBQ on Sunday. I’d also like to fit in a long run, but that doesn’t seem likely. Maybe I can squeeze in a five miler? I should be hitting 8 or 9 this weekend according to my training plan for the Charlotte Covered Bridges Half, but we all know how well I follow training plans. We’ll see how things shake out.

Happy Friday!

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