Friday Free-For-All – 08/25/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

Ben went back to school this week. He started in-service yesterday, and students come back on Monday. It’s been quite an adjustment for me. All summer, I’ve developed my own morning routine, and now Ben is part of it again. On the one hand, it’s great, because he usually makes the coffee (I’ve just been forgoing coffee at home and having some when I get to the office), but now we’re competing for the bathroom, which is a pain. I’m sure we’ll settle back into a rhythm soon.

I have a new laundry trick. Maybe this is just me being behind the curveball, but I feel like everyone needs to know this. I had been noticing that most of my workout gear was not smelling super fresh even straight out of the washing machine, which is kind of gross. And then out of the blue, I read somewhere online (I can’t for the life of me remember), but it suggested putting white vinegar in during your rinse cycle. I tried it last week, and my laundry smells SO GOOD. We have a HE washer, so I just put the vinegar into the fabric softener receptacle and let the machine do the rest. You must try it. Also good for musty towels.


I got new CrossFit shoes. I was really hoping to find a pair for less than $100, and I got the Nike Free TR 7 for a whopping $99.99, so I guess that counts, right? Why do athletic shoes have to be so GD expensive? I already need $100+ shoes for running, now I need them for CF too? Boo. The first few times wearing them, they’ve felt a bit snug, but I’m hopeful that they will break in nicely. The uppers are all one piece, almost like neoprene, so they’re very flexible, but unfortunately not that breathable.  I tried on lots of shoes, and these were by far the best. I might have been able to find a better deal online, but I really don’t like buying shoes if I can’t try them on first. Oh well.

Have you ever tried vinegar in your laundry?

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